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Badge Drop #8: Let's Review!!!

Fri, 08/04/2017 - 6:00pm

PHEW! Summer 2017 has been CRAZY GOOD so far! Full of long days, warm nights, and that odd, rarely-seen kind of weather that consists entirely of HOT, SUMMER SUNSHINE!

Honestly, the SUPERIOR QUALITY of this summer has us a little bit blown away! Never before have we experienced a summer so EXHILARATING, so POIGNANT, so SWELTERING HOT and RIDDLED WITH CONSTRUCTION. We deliberated for days, thought long and hard about where we could go to release our MANIC SUMMER ENERGY in an orderly and wordy fashion. Now, FINALLY, we've figured out the PERFECT PLACE to unleash our TIRADE of POSITIVE COMMENTARY about how good, exhilarating, poignant, sweltering and riddled our summer has been so far: RIGHT HERE IN THE LIBRARY CATALOG!

Please, we know you're shocked, but for goodness sake, contain yourselves.

2017 Badge Drop #8
echo theme_summergame_badge(1453,1454,1455,1456,1457,1485,1487,1483,1480,1463,1481,1475,1482,1466,1486,1484,1488,1489);

Unlike your postman, your bus-driver, your boss, or your pregnant friends, WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!

Did you just read a book that knocked your socks into the stratosphere and left you with a burning desire to tell the world about your SPACE-BOUND SOCKS? Find that book in the catalog and WRITE A REVIEW! Is there a terrible movie that UNJUSTLY STOLE 120 minutes of your summer? DEMAND THEM BACK with some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Got a really awesome story about how your DOG once did a ROUNDHOUSE KICK like CHUCK NORRIS? Save that GLORIOUS GEM for your postman, because IT'S NOT ACTUALLY A REVIEW and will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help you earn those prestigious REVIEW MASTER BADGES!

If you find yourself OPINION-LESS, not to worry! This week's drop is bringing you plenty more SHINING NEW BADGES for you to LAY JUDGEMENT upon!

Thanks for telling us what you think and THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!


The summer game shop doesn't have a lot of items yet and the summer game shop drops have stopped. Will you put more items in the shop? Please do.

Best regards from,
– EARLY999
– HAPPY494

Hold your horses! There was only one Friday without a shop drop! Big shop drop yet to come tonight, and a shop drop every friday in August!


Thanks for the heads up! We added the right code to that first item page! Try your luck again--what was there before wasn't a real code! ^_^

That was a placeholder, named "Placeholder."
'Tis gone now.

and thank you for another week of Summer Game fun!


and new player BLUE993

Having trouble with the second code for Ann Arbor Stories. I tried both B------andS----- and just B------S----- and neither works. I'm not sure what other words it would be.

Is the 2nd clue for Little Write Lies working? I searched for the word plus 'foodies' as the clue suggested, and got 3 items, none of which worked. I noticed nobody has yet gotten this badge.

Woo! New badges! And we are finally on track to hit some of the exploration spots tomorrow. Better late than never, I guess! Can't wait to dig into the new scavenger hunts.

Can anyone help with third clue in Expiration Date? i have the city and searched every conceivable theatre ensmble there, even trying the hint word Unlikely. ??????????????????????????

Can't believe it's August already -- keep those badges coming!!

One and all -- please add me as a friend. My friend code is: SWEET646

Hi! I have reviewed 111 items, but I'm not being awarded the badge for reviewing 100 items. Is it a glitch or do I have to wait awhile? I reached over 100 last night. I also earned another badge after that. Any help on what to do? Thanks!


@gardenfaerie - You want to look in the city that the story takes place in, not where the meeting was held like I did for way too long. A capitalized word in the hint provided is good to include in your google search.

I see that no one has gotten the badge for the latest Arbor Stories yet. Only the first code worked for me even though I'm confidant I have the other ones right. Is this a contact someone from the library situation?

Ann Arbor Stories zoo badge

The second code didn't work for me. I got the first and third. I tried many variations of the second clue, which seems obvious, but nothing worked. Is there a problem?

@Zekicmom, thank you SOOO much. Once I knew the right city, it was a LOT easier. Still, Expriation Date has got to be my least favorite badge series.

I also didn't get the second clue to Ann Arbor Stories and I'm sure what I entered was right.

I was able to get the third code in A2 Stories, it's a year, using numerals, not spelled out. The first two are from last century. The second two are three less than an age many people freak out when turning. :)

Has anyone got the Over Dun Dun Dun badge? I've been working on the fourth clue, which I think the answer is s***** or l***** s***** or y******* s*****, but I can't find a code anywhere. I'm relying on internet searches for answers because I cannot watch those movies!

@ginarae3 thanks for the hint! I had tried B and S, S and B, BS (no and) and SB!!!!!!!

@aunty, you are on the right track. Just use the relationship term by itself and narrow results by the hint.

Thanks for all the help on the We Had A Zoo badge. I was trying to enter too much information. I've been known to over think these things sometimes.....

I'm not sure if it's this way for everyone but the Chips badge is on my bagde page twice. When I earned it it highlighted both.

Hey library folks!
Still waiting to hear back about the issue with the giga reviewer badge. Any update? I'm up to about 140 reviews but still not awarded for doing 100. Thanks!

:) LETTER 776

My guess is that the giga reviewer badge is on some kind of glitch (no one's got it yet) and that it'll be fixed on Monday. The perils of doing a badge drop before the weekend, I suppose.

The Giga Review Master badge must have a glitch because it hasn't been awarded to anyone and I had over 100 reviews before it came out on Friday and the other two review badges came through that I qualified for.

@aunty, Just enter the one word, the first that you entered here. Then sort the results the way the hint says to.

cool new badges. The first code for the hem and haw badge doesn't exist.


I have trouble with Dun Dun Dun badge on the first clue. I tried the 2 numbers that combine to 56, switching places but still didn't work.. Any hint?

Thanks for your patience peeps! I think the giga badge is all fixed. Score some points then check for it again! ^_^

Yay a sewing badge!!! Be still my crafting heart!!!
And move Overwatch!!! These badges are awesome!

can someone help, please
for the Why Chromosomes badge Last code
I Tried H**T and it did not work

Thanks! I wasn't looking in the catalog. I thought it was the code to input.

Has anyone done the 2016 badge called Vexing Hexes? I've found all the codes except one. The answer to the clue is the b**** f**** candle, but I can't seem to find the code anywhere. Does anyone know what I'm looking for? a book? music? bocd?

We went to Westgate yesterday for the first time since it was renovated. My daughter was blown away by the kids area. She didn't want to leave. And I especially liked the incorporation of the coffee shop. Great job!

I am lost on the third clue of the Expiration date badge. Please help

Nevermind we figured it out.

We are so excited for next Shop Drop! Thanks for all the great prizes already - we are loving Summer Game 2017!

Has anyone had any luck finding the second code for Overly Tanky? I found the Nigerian ethnic group, but nothing for Nigeria or yoruba yeilds any codes.

These Overwatch badges are killing me!

SBNB -- I also recently visited the Westgate branch for the first time since the renovation. It was about 3 weeks ago, I believe. The seats are all so comfy, the kids area has all sorts of nooks for them to hang out in and read, and then of course there's the Sweetwaters! Very, very nice...

Happy belated b-day, bethlang!!

One and all -- please add me as a friend. My code is: SWEET646

can someone help, please
for the Why Chromosomes badge Last code
I Tried H**T and it did not work

Yesterday, I visited the Westgate Branch for the first time since the "remodeling". It's fantastic. Way to go, AADL!

@nsvinicki: You're on the right track! It's in there a ways down but it does show up. I recall having a tough time with that one too.

On my badges page it says the only getting started badges I have gotten are comment conqueror, super summer reader and bannerama. That is not true. I have earned all the milestone badges. It has also glitched on other badges. Any help? Thanks -DFZ

I keep thinking today is Friday and then I get excited and check the time to see if it's time for the badge/shop drop. And then I remember it's Thursday and my heart sinks.

I need help with Cutting Corners the Last clue I got C******m
It did not work

Finished some of the badges

Happy for you miodu

It's Friday today

Can't wait for prizes from the shop

Me to

Badges are hard

I'm excited for new badges

Need help with the 'Flake Fun' badge. I couldn't even get the first clue:( I tried both B---- and B---. Nothing worked. Can someone please give me a hint?

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