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PreK Bits - "E" is for elegant ELEPHANTS

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 5:59pm

Ms. Rachel celebrated ELEPHANTS in Storytime @ Malletts Creek.
ELMER is a favorite classic tale of individual differences.
For action and song we played "Paddling Down the River" ... a fast and slow song. You can here an authentic version of this early American folksong on the CD UP IN The BATTEN HOUSE with Mark Tamsula. The CD includes many more authentic American folksongs too!
SITTING IN MY BOX ... a tale of peace and chaos ... including one elephant.

If you love Elephants try these favorites:
ELLA ... a story of Ella the circus elephant by Bill Peet.
ELEPHANT'S STORY ... an elephant memoir.
17 KINGS And 42 ELEPHANTS ... a rhyming tale with superb batik illustrations of a southeast Asian Royal procession.
HOW The ELEPHANT GOT HIS TRUNK ... a re-telling of the how-it-came-to-be story by Rudyard Kipling.
ELLA TAKES The CAKE ... and more stories of Ella by Carmela D'Amico.

And don't forget the non-fiction real information books for young kids on this fun animal !