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Badge Drop #9: Copious Commentary!

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 6:13pm

WHOOOOOEEEEEE, Summer Gamers! Now that we're DEEP into SG Season, things are getting INTENSE!

This week we've got badges that will send you to the HIGHEST HEIGHTS — flying with noted night bombers, rooting out records in the final frontier, and even shimmying up a (bean)stalk for EPIC ADVENTURE!

But OF COURSE, that's not all! We wouldn't leave you hanging ALL THE WAY UP THERE, so we've balanced all of that out by GETTING DOWN (in a DEEP GEOLOGICAL sense) with one badge that is TOTALLY THE PITS!

2017 Badge Drop #9
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BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We reassured you last week that WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! But we really really DO, and often your fellow gamers and library users do TOO (ESPECIALLY when you might be helping your fellow gamers DECIPHER TRICKY BUSINESS and earn MORE BADGES)!

So UP THAT CHATTER! Ramp up the remarks! Hit REPLY to add your voice to this thread, or the MANY, MANY others all about Summer Game and all the BEST STUFF happening at YOUR LIBRARY, and you will be richly rewarded with the COMMENT MASTER badges!

And... speaking of REWARDS... STAY TUNED for a shop drop later tonight!



I fervently hope these comment badges don't result in all the posts here being spammed. Following everyone's hints and piecing replies together will get harder if the comment volume explodes.


There usually is a significant increase in comments after the comment badges drop, if I remember correctly.

OK... Here's a new comment - and one that might actually be of use to someone.
(Because it would be a Bad Thing to make pointless comments, just to score points and get badges, right?

Speaking (usefully) of those badges ...

If you are collecting the Explorer badges, Do Not wait unt the last week to go to U-M North Campus.
The exhibit, The Wonder of Learning, closes on Sat Aug 26.
That's Before the Summer Game ends.

So don't wait. Don't be late.
Go get that badge.

And a friend, BLUE993

Sara, we hoped to get your badge out tonight, but we ran out of time. Stay tuned! Shop drop in progress!


Thanks for the reminder about "The Wonder of Learning" closing date!

It's always nice to have earned badges without realizing it. I had done lots of commenting! :)

Thanks for the nudge, I've been putting it off because it's so close. Al oat let it pass me by!

Yea for new badges! We've been loving the exploration badges this summer!! Thanks AADL!!! (Able776)

I'm stuck on the Gilmore Girls clue. W.w.t.c.b.d? Storebought? I thought I knew this series. Even watched the reboot miniseries. Help?

Yikes! These badge drops make me realize how behind I am on getting badges :/
Nevertheless, I can't wait to try some of these badges (if time permits)!

New badges! Yeah!
I can't wait to get working in them and see what we get to learn about this week!

Those who post their summer game username could you please stop doing this and try to engage or write helpful comment under any event. Thank you

The new badges are so much fun!! I'm looking forward to earning few more before the end of the month...

Please add me as a friend -- my code is SWEET646

This is precisely why I've only done about half the badges this year, having to keep running all over town and to all the branches multiple times through out the summer... who has time for that!?

@Thomas B Brown

You don't need to know the Gilmore Girls to get the code, just search for a cookbook using the adjectives in the clue.


I mean, I just finished the branch explorer badges, and now I have to go back to all the branches to get the goblin codes if I complete those badges. I haven't even started.

I need help with the 4th clue of The Real McCoy. I know the invention but not what to do with it.

Nevermind its been solved.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the "Back by Popular Demand" badge and I need help finding the third code word. I have looked just about every where for it and still have not found it so I am hoping some of you gamers can help me out with a couple more clues to help me find the third code word.
Thanks so much for the help

Loved the NO SORCERY NEEDED Badge! I'd never heard about these women before and they were amazing!

Jack and the Badgestalk

When I enter Jack's last name (as found on two different pages) I get:

» Sorry, your search produced no results.

I searched Jack and the Beanstalk 1734. I used the wikipedia site and his last name starts with an S.

Can I just take minute to send out some huge KUDOS to the person/ people who came up with the Goblin game! It is so creative and fun! Thanks for all your hard work, it is a blast to play!

Thank you for sharing the info about the exhibit! I haven't made it over there yet and I didn't know it would come down.

Can you please give me a hint on the second clue? I tried Fa---- and looked for everything but didn't find any code.

Also, I love the new goblin exploration badges! It helps to get the toddler in the house involved and having fun too.

Hi all,
I need help on the "Back by Popular Demand" badge. I tried different combinations of the words in the clue for the last code and just didn't go anywhere... Any help is appreciated....

Well... I have to admit that the Expiration Date Badges are my least favorite... I am stuck at Chapter 7 third code and Chapter 8 first code... For Chapter 7 I tried to figure out what experiment and what city but I just can't figure it out.... For Chapter 8 I managed to find the card lists but none of the 23 letter ones are the code... I am lost... This is really bugging me! Help please!


I'm stuck on the cards part of Expiration Date as well. But, someone commented about the other code you are stuck on- you want to search the city they live in, not the one you are probably searching for.

Help with new Goblin Badges

There are three separate things you are searching for:

Goblin Gold - one code
Playing Cards - one code (you find the cards and enter the letters in numerical order)
Riddles - three codes (you read the riddle and solve it to complete the code. There are three riddles not grouped together.)

Good luck!

For the card and weapon, if you search for the type of weapon and the name of the game, the very first hit will be the name of a card on the maker's official site. And WHOOOPS it's actually 24 letters not counting spaces or punctuation. I'll fix the hint.

I am working on the back by popular demand badge and I need a couple more clues to find the third code word
Thanks so much for the help

Expiration Date Help?!

23 letters, 24 letters.... I've found lots of games with cards having that weapon as a card, but nothing works. Most of the games containing the card have 20 letters. Just don't get the first clue.

The goblin badges are fun. I wouldn't mind seeing those again next year. But it would have been nice to have them available earlier in the game. I had just finished my 4th branch hours before these badges were released. I don't know if I'll be able to pack up the kids and get to each branch again.

To all the summer gamers out there
I am working on the back by popular demand badge and I need help finding the third code word
Thanks so much for the help

I am still way behind on the badges, but still trying. Thanks for all the new ones, and the fun. :)


You have to google the weapon together with the game that is in the pillow case. The first link in google will take you to the right card.

The goblin badges are genius!!! I'm really excited for a reason to go to the other branches!

Can anyone provide some hints for the 4th code on Expiration Date: Chapter 8? I have no idea what famous 2-day blackout that stretched from Michigan to Maine I'm looking for, and web searching this is a needle-in-haystack situation. Help a non-native Michigander out!

@ ferielp

I searched for "giant blackout Michigan to Maine history" and it came right up. Good luck! :)


Expiration Date IS unnecessarily difficult

I know the day of the week and date, have entered it all sorts of ways trying to follow the hint, but nothing is accepted. What's the trick?!

Hey, I'm actually getting a few badges done this year, despite having to cut back my participation a lot compared to previous summers. Hope everyone is having heaps of fun without me. ;)

aadl I have a new badge idea wwe theme badge hope you like the idea you don't have to do if you don't like it .i would like a French bulldog badge reply soon please.

@elizatsou and @Sara, I agree on Expiration Date. it came together easily for me this week, but I struggled with it last week!

The code for chapter 8 is the name of the weapon and the name of the card game -- google together and you get the name of the card.

Sara, there is no trick. If you aren't IN THE DARK about the event, you enter it as day of week spelled out, month spelled out and then day and year in numerals. The event actually took place over two days; you want the first day.

Looking forward to the new branch badges, Someone asked how anyone has time for those. I find them more fun than the online badges -- I work ~50 hours a week and find it a fun weekend thing to do.


Thanks! I finally got it. The "trick" I was trying to do was to add the date and year together as the hint said to do.

Now I am entering the architect and school in, and getting code not accepted. Arrrrrrrr!

I agree. I actually gave up all the expiration badges (for now anyway, it's been taking too much time) and focus on other more fun badges:)

Thx, AADL badge designers. Some of the badges are easy, some mediun-difficult and some are real head scratchers. I love the challenges involved in solving the clues!

Hello I'm stuck in the 4th code of "Yeah, We're Goin' Down" badge, it says to search for Ned Middleton's book in the catalogue, but you don't seem to have his book...
Thanks for any hint.

I just have to share another way that the summer game teaches us and enriches our lives.

I am currently reading "Al Franken, Giant of the Senate," and in it he says, ".....there was something Jonathan Swift wrote about the Potato Famine". I only understood the reference because I had recently completed the Little Write Lies Badge. So thank you summer game makers. Because of that I felt like I was in on an inside joke.

(FYI, the Franken book is excellent so far)

Haint Misbehavin'. Code 4. I've been trying for weeks. Frank Podmore's theory's? I really need help. Thanks!

@Thomas B. Brown: Try the Wikipedia entry for the type of haunt you're looking at for this badge. That one took me a while to dig up, too!

I am stuck on the last clue in Overly Tanky -- I thought someone had commented on it but I don't see it now. In any case, the exercises have to be bodybuilding and weightlifting, but that comes up with four catalog items, and none has the clue. I also entered them separately... and tried them as the code itself. Help! Thanks!

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