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Badge Drop #9: Copious Commentary!

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 6:13pm

WHOOOOOEEEEEE, Summer Gamers! Now that we're DEEP into SG Season, things are getting INTENSE!

This week we've got badges that will send you to the HIGHEST HEIGHTS — flying with noted night bombers, rooting out records in the final frontier, and even shimmying up a (bean)stalk for EPIC ADVENTURE!

But OF COURSE, that's not all! We wouldn't leave you hanging ALL THE WAY UP THERE, so we've balanced all of that out by GETTING DOWN (in a DEEP GEOLOGICAL sense) with one badge that is TOTALLY THE PITS!

2017 Badge Drop #9
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BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We reassured you last week that WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! But we really really DO, and often your fellow gamers and library users do TOO (ESPECIALLY when you might be helping your fellow gamers DECIPHER TRICKY BUSINESS and earn MORE BADGES)!

So UP THAT CHATTER! Ramp up the remarks! Hit REPLY to add your voice to this thread, or the MANY, MANY others all about Summer Game and all the BEST STUFF happening at YOUR LIBRARY, and you will be richly rewarded with the COMMENT MASTER badges!

And... speaking of REWARDS... STAY TUNED for a shop drop later tonight!



can someone be helpful and tell me what the code is for''Between the Lines''

my friend code is flip494

someone please help. are the goblin words real words or made-up nonsense words? because I went to Traverwood today and got the letters and codes, but can't unscramble them to make any real word. It just seems like random letters.

The cards have both a letter (or two) and a number on them. The blanks on the code each have a number underneath. Fill them in with the letter on the corresponding number card. Don't forget to include the letter that the code starts with and is already on the sign. For example, at Westgate it is F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

I really wish this was explained before I went to the library. I just wrote down all the letters and now have no clue what they spell.

The goblin codes don't spell anything. Just made up words. I was stumped for a minute because I didn't know some of the cards had TWO letters on them. Good luck!

I have a pretty awesome life, but the Summer Game has seriously increased my quality of life this summer. For one thing, it motivates me to get out and about with the kids, which I should do anyway, but I'm not great at. Also, some commenters are down on the Expiration Date badges, but I love them! I especially like the clues that are closely linked to the story, like based on places and events in the city where the story happens. Good work!

Also about "Expiration Date": I wonder if Chet and his weapon are a reference to Darrien Hunt, a multiracial young man who was fatally shot in the back by Utah police in October 2014 while carrying an ornamental weapon of the same type.


I just figured out the final code on the Overly Tanky badge! Hint: try putting a space in one of those compound words.

@Mandyghutton, thanks! That would not have occurred to me! I swear I run into the most problems in the supposedly easier badges!!

I finished the expiration date badge for this week. I'm looking forward to next week and being done with this badge series.

I haven't really earned a lot of badges yet this summer, but I'm hoping to remedy that!!

One and all, please add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646

Wow, these goblin badges are hard. I'm trying to put together a 13 letter word with 3 vowels and no hints :/
The rest has been really fun so far. Loved the little displays and the riddles!

Sending out huge kudos to the person who came up with the goblin badges. They are fantastic!
Such a creative idea and so much fun to complete!

Hey there GMs,

Would you mind unlocking these "expired" badges from 2016?
-Rudyard's Roots (under "Jungle Bookland")
-Centennial Celebration (under "Parks for the People")
-BFGG (under "Juno to Jupiter")
-The Ballad of Shakey Jake, A Brief History of Poop (under "Ann Arbor Stories")

Many thanks!

I agree. The Goblin badges are a lot of fun. I've only done one so far but I like the idea a lot. It is a pain to have to run to all the branches again though... Gotta have to find some time to do that.

I read the last chapter of Expiration Date today and I have to say, I'm not impressed with the ending. I wasn't particularly impressed with the entire thing, actually.

If you're stuck on the goblin badges, and are able to revisit the branch(es), take a closer look at the playing cards they're printed on. This tripped me up at first, as the words are made-up, but there are built-in hints!

@SBNB - I read your comment so I went and also read the last chapter of Experation Date. I guess I won't say too much so other people can read it without a an open mind, but if someone wasn't alreadyreading it for the badge, I would not recommend the story. Too bad we can't review it for 50 points....

Lol, I have not been reading Expiration Date beyond what I need to to do the badges. It's just too hip and cool for me!! :)

I'm going to do the goblin badge at Mallett's right now. Does each branch have its own code and then you make something out of the letters of all badges? I guess I will ask a friendly librarian!!


I know! I finally have a strong opinion about something and I can't review it. The summer game always gets me in the reviewing mood. In July, I found myself crafting a review for some butter or something I had just tried and then remembered that I can't review food products in the library catalog.

We've been to two branches for the new Goblin Games badges and found the puzzles pretty self-explanatory. The cards with the letters are numbered, so you just need to put them in the right order.

We especially have enjoyed the new riddle codes posted at the branches!

On my daughter's account and on my husband's account, I just now noticed a "geekly intervention" on their scorecards. I'm not complaining (so please don't delete it), but what is that?

@SBNB, I got it too. The GM told me it was a refund of points for anyone who ordered more than 3xcoffee (or perhaps other shop items) than they were able to procure this week. So when I picked up my 4xcoffee order I got 3 bags, and a refund of points in lieu of the 4th. They did it to make sure more people could sample it, which I think is perfectly reasonable!

I need help with the 4th clue of 'the real McCoy' badge.. What's with the FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVEN in the clue?

Just finished four of the five goblin badges (Traverwood tomorrow!) and thoroughly enjoyed them. Swiffnorts! (That is not code, but the codes are fun!) Gwestex! (That is not a code either.) If you haven't done these badges yet, I highly recommend them!

Love the goblin badges!!

{{ Anyone/everyone!!! Please feel free to add me as a friend -- my friend code is: SWEET646 }}

The Expiration Date badges have been my favorite this year: challenging but (barely) achievable. Thanks for the challenge. And a good story too!

@maywang Hiya! When people post dozens of comments in a row that aren't part of a conversation, it can look like spam, and so we delete it to keep the site clear and useful for everyone! We also delete answers and Game Codes posted in the comments to keep the game fun for every player! We love when people add their voice to our site, but comments, tags and reviews still get moderated by your friendly neighborhood Gamemakers to make sure that Summer Game zeal doesn't make the catalog or the comment section an un-fun place to be! If anyone ever has a question about this please feel free to send us a Contact Us message! Thanks for playing!

@nicole, thanks for the reply. I'm sometimes way to excited, so I post tons of comments. I'll try to say useful things and shorten the non-useful things. Do you still take away my points?

@nicole, would you post your reply it in badge drop number10? Thanks a lot!

Edit: Maybe in 11?

Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of putting the goblin cards in order! I just wrote them down and used Scrabble letters to unscramble them. I had my copy of the B.F.G out for help, I'll admit (once I unscramble the first one)

Is it just me, or do other summer gamers also feel that the badges should be worth more points? Some of the badges are really quite a bit of work with a small payoff, don't you think?

[ { friend code: SWEET646 } ]

good hunting for the goblins! I had some bad trouble at downtown on aug 21, but hope to make to other libraries before game closes

I'm still stumped on the 4th clue of The Real McCoy badge.
I left it for a few days and just came back to it, thinking I'd get it this time.
No luck - five hundred and seven??
Perhaps a hint from one of the 127 players who made it through this badge?

Finally. The fourth code on The Real McCoy.
Why do I try to make it more complicated than it is!?

The 4th clue of Haint Misbehavin' was really buried - took me a long time to get it!

I'm still stuck on the Ann Arbor stories for this week. I must have tried 40 or more variations on the second clue. The sound chimes, and he says: "Their names were brother and sister, the featured attraction of the zoo." The clue is just to "listen up."

I've been able to get through the ones that were stumping me in the past by revisiting it or trial and error, but I just can't get this one. Anyone have any hints?

The goblin riddle badges at each branch were so much fun! I think they were my favorite part of the game this year. Thanks!

The goblin badges were fun indeed.

On Sat, I got to speak with the AADL person who created them, and tell her how fun those badges are.

Thank you AADL staff for a fun summer!


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