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Kid Bits - Going To School

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 4:06pm

School will START SOON! Time to get back into the school frame of mind.
Stories and Talking can smooth the way to a Happy start to the year.

Here are "Going To School" story Lists for PreK through Middle School.
Going To Preschool
Separation Anxiety - Grades PreK - 2
Social Skills - Grades PreK - 2
Going To School - Grades K-2
Going To School - grades 3-5
Going To School - Middle School
Safety Kids - Grades PreK - 6

Differing Abilities - Grades PreK -1
Differing Abilities - Grades 2-3
Differing Abilities - Grades 4-5
Differing Abilities - Middle School
ESL Experiences in Books for Kids - Grades K-5


This is so useful. Have you thought about doing back to school storytimes or activities and incorporating some of these?

Nice list

I will start reading this books. Add me WHAT344

Need some fun in weekend why not doing mini summer game during fall.

We loved summer with the kids. So much so that we ignored all the back-to-school rush until two days before school started.
A little crazy, yes. But worth it!

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