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Badge Drop #11: Master Blaster

Fri, 08/25/2017 - 4:19pm

Well, players, Summer Game 2017 is winding down, moving inexorably toward its inevitable end. It's sad, but we can take consolation in one thing: IT AIN'T OVER YET! And if it's FRIDAY and the GAME IS ON, that can only mean that tomorrow is Saturday...ALSO THAT THERE'S A BADGE DROP!

Since this is the FINAL BADGE DROP of Summer Game 2017, this is a very special drop, the biggest drop of the summer, the drop to end all drops: THE MASTER BADGE DROP! Every badge in this week's drop can only be obtained by earning other badges first, stacking them up, and seeing if they stack up high enough to turn into the MASTER BADGE for each series. If you've been keeping up with your badges all summer, chances are you just got a BUNCH OF NEW BADGES and BONUS POINTS just for your latest scoring event (Note: if you feel like you should have gotten a master badge and you don't see it showing up yet, try doing something to score some points (a tag, a review, a comment, anything) and it'll probably show up).

For those of your who haven't been keeping up with this year's badges, and we know who you are (seriously, we have a whole database behind this thing), we have GOOD NEWS! This year there are an unprecedented 6 DAYS after this Master Badge Drop before the end of the game! Nothing new is happening here, we didn't decide to just give you more days, it's just the way the Fridays fall (so if you've got a problem, take it up with Pope Gregory). But that means you have an extra 6 DAYS to try to get all of the master badges you can by completing as many series badges as you can. That means you've got to get on that catalog and get searching, turn on those Ann Arbor Stories podcasts and get listening, and head out to every library branch to get branch exploring and goblin gaming! You've got this!

2017 Badge Drop #11
echo theme_summergame_badge(1515,1516,1517,1518,1519,1520,1521,1522,1523,1524,1525,1526,1527,1528,1529,1530,1531,1532,1533,1534,1535);

What about AFTER you've earned all of those master badges? What else could you possibly do? How about taking a look in the Summer Game Shop and SPENDING SOME OF THOSE MONDO MASTER BADGE BONUS POINTS? What, you say you've already bought everything you are interested in? Have you gotten one of the GOLDEN BUNDLES? You haven't even heard of them? Guess you'll have to watch this space later today to learn about the INSANE and RARE items you can find as part of this year's exciting game end packages!

And after that? Once all of the points have been SPENT? HOW ABOUT A BIG HUGE PARTY WHERE YOU CAN HANG OUT WITH OTHER SUMMER GAMERS, GEEK OUT ABOUT YOUR FAV SUMMER ACTIVITY, and, oh yeah, EARN A WHOLE BUNCH MORE POINTS?!?!! This year's GAME OVER GALA happens next Thursday, August 31 from 6 to 8 pm at the Downtown Library! A special GALA-ONLY GAME, a photo booth, even COOKIES!

So let's finish Summer Game 2017 with a BANG and see just how many MASTERS there truly are out there! See you at the Gala!



OH MY GOSH! These are so adorable! Thank you for a great summer!

And friend me! HIGH477

I love, love, LOVE the design of "Mitten Maven"! I don't suppose there's any chance of getting that on a t-shirt or something? These are great, and massive props to the artist. Even more massive thanks to the AADL staff for putting this all together; it really makes the summer come alive and it's been great fun all around.

I would buy pins with the badge art on them. Really go to town and deck my denim jacket, every single bag and backpack, hats, scarves ...

I've seen some library staff with cool AADL pins on their lanyards. I would pay in points or USD or any accepted currency for those, they are just too perfect and I'm too invested in this game to go cold turkey badgeless in September

Next year, or sometime in the future, it would be awesome if the library had a prize that was reusable bags. I personally like Chico bags, but any reusable bag that can be easily transported in a purse or pocket would be awesome!

The stunt specialist badge is broken. It says 100 percent but it also says I have not earned this badge

Coding for these has got to be difficult. I'm sure they're working on it as we speak so we might even receive the points to use in the shop drop.

Yes, I agree with the person who is so "TALL" on the Leaderboard :)
It may be a bit frantic trying to get everything working!
I'm also not seeing the badges for Master Craftsmen and Mitten Maven, but things do have a way of working out.

Thanks for all the work, AADL!!

Also, going along with my earlier mentioned reusable bags theme, it would be really great if the AADL used something more eco-friendly than plastic bags for the game prizes. Just food for thought. :)

I'm disappointed that I'll have to miss the gala due to another commitment. I hope everyone has a great time! Thanks for all the library fun.

TFW you wonder why an event badge isn't showing up for you as complete and realize you only entered 5/6 codes. :|

Pretty cool to have a bunch of badges score without lifting a finger. Also motivation to finish those series I haven't got through yet.

So many badges, so little time... Can't believe the Summer Game is almost over once again!!

friend code is: SWEET646

These new badges have inspired me to try to get those last couple of badges so I can clear the categories. Anyone have a hint they would share about Ann arbor stories "we had a zoo" clue #2? It was the one that chimed just before he talked about brother and sister, the black bear Cubs.

@keldan315, if I remember right, you've already got the code! B......S....., no conjunctions.

The real mccoy invention

Im still stuck on this clue. I know the patient number, name of the patton, use of the patient...have searched the catalog for so many different things.... I don't understand what the 500 clue means in the hint. One page I found I cannot enlarge enough to read... Please help!

I'm trying to catch up with badges I missed and I'm having trouble with the last code for Snake Charmer. I've looked for S****D (defensive thing), R********N, S***D (offensive thing with one fewer letter), and S***R (different offensive thing), with various "his", "her", "its" thrown in... but there hasn't been a game code in the first 15-20 results for anything I've searched for. Did something possibly get removed from the catalog or am I just on the wrong track?

Will miss summer game, won't miss expiration date!

Was the german running technique mentioned in a previous chapter? I've tried a few words, including a sweedish one, but no code.

It actually isn't a running technique you're looking for, rather what she spent days practicing so she didn't have to look at what she was doing when doing it.
I went down the same path you did at first and now know far more then I need to about 3 and 4 point stances.

Re: Submitted by ferielp on Fri, 08/25/2017 - 5:19pm.
I've seen some library staff with cool AADL pins on their lanyards. I would pay in points or USD or any accepted currency for those, they are just too perfect and I'm too invested in this game to go cold turkey badgeless in September

The button maker will be OUT @ the Game Over Gala - let us know which of these Master Badge designs you like the best and we'll choose a couple so you can make buttons too! The buttons you see on staff lanyard's are from the many large events we host at the Downtown library in the Lobby area - earlier this year we had the button maker out for Record Store Day/April, Gardening & DIY Fest/May, [|Mini Maker Faire]/June, and [|A2CAF]/June. This fall we'll have the button maker out during the Sunday, October 29 Halloween Costume Contest and the [|Tiny Expo] craft show on Saturday, December 9.

If you like the artwork for the summer game you can take some of it home with you! [|Jeremy Wheeler's] art is available to check out and hang on your wall using your library card. [|Jeremy] also has work in all sorts of other places too! He sells locally at shows too!

Maybe next year the volunteers could make buttons for the summer game shop and/ or to be sold in the friends bookstore. They could even be limited number prizes at the end of the summer to use up points on. There is always interest in buttons.

Love the last hint for the nautical badge:

HINT: Yeah, uh…sorry about that.

Stuck again after all that translating!

So excited that I can make it to the Gala this year, I haven't been able to make it in the past.


@erin, would it be possible to have these: World Ruler, Tale Blazer, Master Craftsman, Phantom Phenom, AA Gov and Beyond?
Thanks for your reply!

We went downtown this afternoon to complete the skylines badges. I had never been in one of those structures and had never been to the top of any of them. We all had a lot of fun!

I wont' get a lot of these master badges unfortunately. but Kudos to many of AADL fellows who do:)

But that means the game is coming to an end.. So sorry.. I have a lot of fun.. Thank you AADL!

Thank you AADL for another great year of the summer reading program. Love the Master Badges.

So many badges to catch up on! Back to week 2 Coo de Grace. Can't get the first one! Found the third one by accident but can't figure out what I'm searching for. The character, the bird, the movement?
Any help please? Thanks,

Expiration date -please help!

Im stuck on the German running word. It would be awful to have done all the badges and not get the very last one.


@sara, the story mentioned something she had practiced until she could do it without looking. That is what you need to find the German inventor for, not the running stance. It should be a couple of paragraphs before she stoops down to start running.

all of the accomplishment badges! how awesome!
I'm a bit bummed that this is the last badge drop though

Fun Fact: I actually made the Taiko badge in 2016. This is my all time favorite series and I wanted to share my love for it to the community. Thanks for adding it in this summer, man.

Anyways, back to college.

Great job to the staff running this. Thanks for your time and effort.

And if you haven't friended me yet, my code is TRACK969.

OMG, there are *so* many badges that I'd still like to earn, but there simply isn't enough time... Arghhh!!

My friend code: SWEET646

My vote for a badge design for a button would be "Mitten Maven", FWIW. I'm totally in love with this potion monster mitten thing.

With all of the changes coming to the summer game in the future, will it still be possible to earn old scavenger hunt badges from previous years after this summer is over? I thought I read something above about older badge codes expiring in September, but I think it'd be a lot of fun to hunt down some of these old facts and figures. Cheers!

Oh yeah, that's a valid question. When do all these badges expire? I'm guessing soon since they want to limit the points circulating in the game and having no time limits would mean we could potentially rack up quite a bit in the off-season.

I have one more badge to complete for this year. There were a bunch I couldn't get to, but I finished enough to satisfy me.

This is my first year in Ann Arbor. I accidentally discovered codes from previous year's badges, and I've ended up doing several of these old badges for fun AND POINTS! I was hoping to do more of them next summer. I hope they won't go away with the changes in the game.

The fourth code of the All For Nautical badge is really confusing me. I'm so close to getting the badge and the maser badge associated with it. Any help?

Thanks to AADL Summer Game staff for great badges and scavenger hunts. Also thanks to fellow summer gamers for hints on how to break the codes on some very challenging badges. GASP666

Thank you for another great summer game. I hope these badges will stay active after the game ends so we can complete them even if we don't earn points!

Thank you for another great summer game. I hope these badges will stay active after the game ends so we can complete them even if we don't earn points!


In all past years your chance to earn points and complete badges ended when the game ended on August 31. After that you could only spend accumulated points in the shop until a later date in September. I'd be happily surprised if this year was any different.

I love the thrill of my points jumping when I log on after the master badge drop!

When I was doing Arbor Explorer Badges around UofM, I decided to hit some of the badges I missed a few years back. For the 2014 Audubon Room Badge, I could not get the 4 birds latin names since they have changed the pages. Also for the 2014 UM Museum of Natural History, does anyone have the code for the plant that attracts butterflies (New Jersey _ _)? I think that they have removed the signs since the new construction.

Should I just email the library staff on this one???


Thank you for the summer game! I don't know which is more fun, earning the points or spending them. Can't wait to see how the game will be different next year. My guess? It will be even better!

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