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It's here.. the great RESTOCKENING! Also, T-SHIRTS!

Fri, 08/25/2017 - 5:34pm by eli

THIS IS IT, PLAYERS! The Final SHOP DROP of Summer Game 2017! In addition to a heaping pile of shiny new AADL T-SHIRTS, we've got a bit more of ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU MISSED THIS SUMMER!

We want to get these items into as many hands as possible, so please SHARE NICELY and leave some stock for your fellow players! Excessive orders will be edited and points refunded.

Also please know that the AADL T-Shirts are MADE TO ORDER and won't be ready for pickup until Late September. You'll be notified when they're ready for pickup!

The Summer Game Shop will close for the season at Midnight on Sunday, September 10th. You won't lose your unspent points. Summer Game Shop Orders must be picked up by Sunday, October 8th. Orders not picked up by 6 PM on Sunday, October 8th will be canceled!

So, what do these T-shirts look like? A slight adjustment to last year's design, but with 3 new colors: SKYLINE BLUE, HURON GREEN, and PIONEER PURPLE! Check it:

Image removed.

And what, the most hardcore among you may ask, about those GOLDEN BUNDLES? Well, you'll find them at the very bottom of the shop, in 5 amazing sizes, from SUPER to SUPREME! They are so choice. If you have the means, we highly recommend picking one up. And when we say ONE, we mean it! One GOLDEN BUNDLE per player, please!

We've had such a blast filling the Summer Game Shop for you. As we've been hinting, Summer Game will change COMPLETELY for 2018, but your favorite parts, from the codes to the badges to the points to the shop, will be there waiting for you. We'll have a whole discussion right here on PLAY.AADL.ORG with you after the game ends about how we can make Summer Game even better for you, so don't disappear come the Gala! Stick around and help us SHAPE THE SHINING FUTURE OF THE SUMMER GAME! Thanks for your patience, feedback, and understanding all summer, and as always....



Please edit the order I just placed -- I suspect I ordered too many of those amazing mugs! :)

Thanks for all the hard work the staff has put into making the summer games possible. I won't be able to get a golden bundle myself, that price...whoa lol.

Thank you "fur" the second chance at Foxpants, and for a fun summer! We appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes.

Y'all are the best, and I am very humbled by the enormous price tags. There should be a crown in that half million Supreme Bundle, whoever buys it has earned it *_*

YES!! I got my hands on a GIGA GOLDEN BUNDLE. I can't wait to see what the mystery prize is! But maybe I should have gotten an ULTRA GOLDEN BUNDLE, but I thought and decided not to become broke. Friend code: (COFFEE734)

Players that get the bundles should post and let the rest of us know what the surprise item was!
This has been a fun summer game and thank you to the AADL staff for creating the best summer game ever. In all sincerity, I don't know of any other library that "does it up" like this for summer games.

the super golden bundle was the one thing I was waiting for.......I didn't get a chance to get one

I got the last Super Golden Bundle. Whew. Those points were burning a hole in my digital pocket. Thanks aadl! Seventh on Leaderboard looks great on my resume.

Really enjoyed playing the Summer Game. So much creativity and cleverness went into both the game and the items selected for the Shop! Thanks for all your hard work, and looking forward to kicking back with a mug of joe, munching chocolates, and advertising our local library in fine attire!

Thanks AADL.

The golden bundles were such a huge let down though. Sold out after 2 hours. We're in the top 50 players but still can't get a golden bundle ☹️

It was more about the fun and competition for us, but a little anti-climatic. I suppose summers often end in that way! Thanks, we had a good summer.

Thank you AADL!! Best summer game you could ask for.

Btw, sadly I've missed the library board and been waiting for it to be back in stock. If anyone has one and want to exchange it for a new, unused messenger bag from a couple of years ago, let me know.

Well, that knocked off a ton of my points! I managed a Mega Golden Bundle and a pack of coffee! I don't drink coffee but my spouse does so I hope he likes it. I expect he will, given all the great comments everyone has made about it!

Thank you, thank you, AADL, the AADL Friends, the Summer Game staff, all AADL staff, and YOU, MY FELLOW PLAYERS, for making the Summer Game awesome!

...So many caps and exclamation points. Eli's writing style is contagious!

Questions about the t-shirts:

1) Are they from the same supplier as the ones last year? (seems likely because the size chart says 2016 on it.)

2) Are the women's style shirts fitted below the chest? Snug through the ribs and stomach?

Next year I'll have to remember to spend points earlier, because a lot of things I'd have liked are sold out . . . but then, hoarding has its advantages. Maybe I can knock out enough more points in the next couple of days to score a Golden Bundle?

Also, this is my first year in Ann Arbor, and just as I've come to know and love the Summer Game, you're fixing to change it completely? Say it ain't so!

Fun to see t-shirts! I'm kinda bummed that there aren't tote bags available individually, but perhaps another time. Thanks for the fun games!

Also, I agree that it's sad the cheapest bundles sold out so quickly! These people were really on top of their game :)


I know this isn't a badge post, I was wondering if anyone would help me with the 2nd clue of the "Over dun dun dun" badge? I know the answer starts with C---- and then T---------, and I've gone through catalog all three pages with no link found.

Love the t-short colors! Thanks for all the great free swag in the summer game shop! The game is so amazing, I can't wait to see what you do with it next year, I'm sure it will be even better if that's possible!

Was at work late Fridy and jumped on the prizes, and was glad I did because it looks like most things are out of stock again. Thanks to the library staff who put so much time into designing this game, and for prize fulfillment, which I imagine is one gigantuan task!!

NOOOO!! Why does the shop have to end??!! THANK YOU AADL!


P.S: Bring back library boards next year! (did not get a chance to buy them).

Thanks for another great summer of summer gaming fun. My kids and I love doing this every summer. Plus it keeps them reading and interested in new hobbies and new areas of town to explore. Our library rocks.

AADL: Please brink back AADL water bottles next year. I get them every year and was heartbroken when there was not one this year.

Thanks for another great year of the Summer Games. My family got some nice things from the Summer Game Shop and lots of fun working on the badges. Great job can't wait to see what 2018 Summer Games looks like.

Thank you for the tshirts! Are maize and blue off-limits, or can anyone design a UM themed shirt? I know the logos cannot be used but I would've thought the color combo would be open to all.

Remember after game over gala you should enter the codes cause the summer game will be over. Thanks-DFZ

It says "You won't lose your unspent points" -- does that mean the Summer Game points roll over to next year? So maybe I can hope for a Golden Bundle then? :-D

Oh, and although I know they're in one of the bundles, the Pint Glasses have been my favorite things ever to appear in the shop. It would be great to have them back separately sometime in the future.


Thank you for the T-shirts!


What fabric are the T-shirts?

Seconded for needing to know what the fabric makeup is on the t-shirts. A little more info on that and the fit/styles would be very welcome. :)

Hello all! Re: t-shirts - they are all 100% preshrunk COTTON! Enjoy and thanks for playing!

I finally got to Mallett's Creek branch today and loved the riddle clues! I've been too dependent on the hold shelf this summer so don't know if those are found in all the branches. If so, I'm sorry I missed out; if not, I hope you expand their use next summer!


They did put the goblin riddles in all the branches. Those were my son's favorite badge series yet!

Wow - alphabet sudoku seemed harder to finish than number sudoku. Thanks for one last challenge!

How about Community High colors (rainbow!) for next year's T?

Tx for a great game this year

Thank you, Erin, for fabric info.
It makes a difference.

I just ordered my all cotton T-shirt.

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