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PreK Bits - ICE CREAM you scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM !

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 4:12pm

Ms. Rachel brought stories of ICE CREAM to Preschool Storytime.
WEMBERLY’S ICE CREAM STAR by Kevin Henkes ... is about a tea party for two ... and one ice cream cone.
We marched to "The Tempo Marches On" which you can find on the CD JIM GILL SINGS DO-RE-MI ... an action song by Jim Gill.
Jim Gill's CDs have loads of active play songs to make you sing and dance a lot.
ONCE AROUND The BLOCK ... is the story of a boring afternoon with Beatrice until .... she takes a walk around the block.
AADL no longer owns a copy, so you can borrow a copy through MelCat with your AADL Library card.

For more ICE CREAM stories ... try the following:
ICE CREAM SUMMER … letters to Grandparents and … ICE CREAM !
AND THEN COMES SUMMER ... a book about seasons.
VANILLA ICE CREAM ... by Bob Graham.
VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR … there IS ice cream in this story !
JOONE …. Likes ice cream and turtles and colors purple and orange ….
MY DAD At The ZOO … a silly story with Dad.
MINJI’S SALON … a silly story with Mom.
MAX’S DRAGON SHIRT … and out-of-control ice cream.
Try not to drip.
Happy Summer !