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Creating With Clay


Wednesday September 6, 2017: 9:00am to 9:00pm


Downtown Library: Lower Level Display Cases


Ceramics: Clay-Art-Friends Group

This ceramic exhibit is the third annual show by the Clay-Art-Friends at AADL. The participating artists this year are: Nancy Bulkley, Jeanine Center, Betty Locey, Caron Valentine-Marsh, Jessica Krivan, and Lineke Zuiderweg.

Once one learns to create with clay, if it is on the potter's wheel or hand building, it almost becomes an addiction. One can make decorative or functional ceramics, play with colors or draw on them. The creativity never ends. After the glazed pieces come out of the kiln, it is always a surprise to see the results.

Most of the work in this exhibit is done by hand building: using fresh rolled out, coiled, extruded or leather hard clay to create shapes and objects which never could be made on a potter's wheel. Examples of all kinds of hand building techniques, which illustrate the process, will be on display in this exhibit.