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AADL Board of Trustees Meeting - September 18th, 2017

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 3:28pm

When: September 18, 2017 at Downtown Library Multipurpose Room

Watch the September 2017 Meeting of the AADL Board of Trustees. Select an agenda item below to jump to that point in the transcript. For more information, please see the […|Board Packet for this meeting]. 17-136 I. CALL TO ORDER 17-137 II. ATTENDANCE 17-138 III. APPROVAL OF AGENDA (Item of action) 17-139 IV. CONSENT AGENDA (Item of action) CA-1 Approval of Minutes of July 17, 2017 CA-2 Approval of July and August 2017 Disbursements 17-140 V. CITIZENS’ COMMENTS 17-141 VI. FINANCIAL REPORTS - Bill Cooper, Finance Manager 17-142 VII. DIRECTOR’S REPORT - Josie B. Parker, Director 17-143 VIII. OLD BUSINESS 16-154 A. AADL STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL 3.3: REIMAGINE THE ANN ARBOR DISTRICT LIBRARY’S DOWNTOWN PRESENCE (Item of discussion) 16-201 B. UPDATE ON TRAVERWOOD BRANCH LIBRARY CAPITAL PROJECT - Len Lemorie, Facilities Manager 16-154C. AADL STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL 4.3: IMPLEMENT THE NEW WEB PRESENCE - UPDATE - Eli Neiburger, Deputy Director 17-144 IX. NEW BUSINESS 17-145 A. PFM FINANCIAL ADVISORS LLC PRESENTATION Paul Stauder 17-146 B. BRIDGEPORT CONSULTING, LLC - Sarah Raful Whinston 17-147 C. RESOLUTION TO AWARD CONTRACT FOR JANITORIAL SERVICE FOR THREE YEARS (Item of action) 17-148 D. RESOLUTION OF THANKS TO KEN RAYNOR UPON HIS RETIREMENT (Item of action) 17-149 X. CITIZENS’ COMMENTS 17-150 XI. ADJOURNMENT