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No Cake is Safe: a Cakeasaurus Tale, Woodblock Prints by Marian Short


Friday December 1, 2017: 9:00am to Wednesday January 10, 2018: 9:00pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room Exhibit


This picture book exhibit follows the confectionary exploits of Cakeasaurus, one cake-deprived town, and a little boy about to turn five – all told through dramatic black and white woodblock prints.

"'No Cake is Safe' walks you through this picture book, as told by my woodblock prints, which I drew, carved, and printed over the course of several years. As with any long-term project, this story evolved as I made it. I couldn’t resist fiddling with word choice, tempo, and minor story shifts. Visually, page drawings that satisfied on my dining room wall were sometimes nixed before they touched a woodblock; or several pages needed revision due to a new idea about a character’s appearance. I love learning about artists’ process, so this exhibit includes print variations and behind-the-scenes peeks." -Marian Short

Marian Short is a Michigan-based artist and writer, whose work has appeared in local and national exhibitions. She lives in Ann Arbor with her partner Rick Sperling, and their rambunctious two-year-old daughter.