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"F" is for FOX


Ms Rachel brought FOX tales to Storytime.
In [b:1046530|FLOSSIE And The FOX] ... Flossie has to get her basket of eggs safely to Ms. Viola’s house.
Flossie doesn’t know what a fox looks like but she figures it out.
During “A-Hunting We Will Go” we found many rhyming things ... "And We Always Let Them Go!"
Finally .... we sang along with the [b:1310318|GINGERBREAD GIRL] … as she planned a more successful ending to the classic story of the [b:1109454|GINGERBREAD BOY].

For more FOXES and more fun tales try these favorites:
[b:1500338|HOW TO FIND A FOX] ... can she do it?
[b:1504755|LITTLE FOX In The FOREST] ... a book without words. You use your own to describe the "magical world" the fox leads you to.
[b:1513368|APPLES For LITTLE FOX] ... This little fox's first mystery!
[b:1509008|MY LITTLE FOX] ... little fox's first year in the woods.
[b:1035243|ROSIE'S WALK] ... a classic. Watch the pictures as you read the story....
[b:1042525|The TOMTEN And The FOX] ... another classic. The little gnome-like Tomten is there to protect the hen house.
[b:1515534|SHELTER] ... a proverb, as well as a "fox story".
[b:1507129|PANDORA] ... an imaginary world grows around Pandora the fox, and Pandora gently tends to it.