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PreK Bits - "Q" is for Quiet

This week Ms. Rachel presented stories that needed quiet.
[b:1456704|SLEEPYHEADS] ... where every quiet creature lays their sleepy head. Wait! One little sleepyhead is not in their bed!
Ms. Betsy played guitar and Ms. Rachel led the Quiet/Loud action song "Wake Up You Sleepy Heads".
You can hear the "Sleepy Heads" song on the recording [b:1192201|SING IT! SAY IT! STAMP IT! SWAY IT!] ... along with more favorite childhood songs!
[b:1308490|The SQUEAKY DOOR] had a Grandma putting her Grand-children to bed in the big double bed. It was time for quiet.

For more books that find "quiet" try the following favorites:
[b:1380329|QUIET BUNNY'S MANY COLORS] ... find them in the garden.
[b:1362723|The QUIET BOOK] ... very thoughtful, lovely prose, and beautiful gentle illustrations.
[b:1447204|SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN] ... who needs to be quiet?
[b:1428078|TIPTOE JOE] ... tiptoe to be quiet.
[b:1445465|HANK FINDS AN EGG] ... on a quiet walk in the woods. What shall he do?
[b:1442167|The FAMILY BEDTIME TREASURY: Tales For Sleepy Times and Sweet Dreams] ... a treasure trove in one book!
[b:1371980|BEDTIME FOR BEAR] ... with a "small but effervescent" overnight guest. Delightful storytelling and illustrations!
Find a cozy space.
Good Night!
Sleep Tight.

When you wake up the next day .... sing along with Joanie Bartels and [b:1263534|MORNING MAGIC] songs.