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Smell & Tell: Exotic Woods and Ethereal Exudates


Wednesday January 17, 2018: 6:30pm to 8:45pm


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


By Jennifer Boyer - sunset through ice

The allure of Orientalia is unceasing. Perhaps it is because our desires and passions are liberated by the exotic, which will not permit sublimation. The woody and balsamic categories in perfumery continue to unleash a timeless attraction to scented journeys that beguile the senses. Ingredients like Sandalwood, Guaicwood, Frankincense and Benzoin have their origins in incense, the worshipful art that is the mother of perfumery. Join Michelle Krell Kydd, trained nose in flavors and fragrance, and editor of Glass Petal Smoke for an aromatic trip to the east where the treasures of perfumery await…

The Smell and Tell series of lectures is led by Michelle Krell Kydd, a trained nose in flavors and fragrance who shares her passion for gastronomy and the perfume arts on Glass Petal Smoke. The Smell and Tell series debuted at the Ann Arbor District Library in 2012 and celebrates its sixth anniversary year in 2018. It's the longest running series of multisensory programming in AADL’s history, and the only one of its kind in the country!