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PreK Bits - "P" is for PERFECT PLANs


Ms Rachel brought African tales to Storytime.
Following troubles ... Each tale ended with a PERFECT PLAN.
[b:1193664|HEAD, BODY, LEGS] is a tale from Liberia. Head makes a perfect plan that gets all the body parts working together.
[b:1080440|WOODY'S 20 Grow Big Songs] has a recorded version of the song/game “Pick It Up”. We dropped our noses (and other parts) by accident. How embarrassing !! But we put othings back together. Knowing how to fix things is a good plan too!
[b:1112532|LEOPARD’S DRUM] is an Asanti Tale from West Africa. Tiny Turtle was the one who made a PERFECT PLAN.

For more tales with PERFECT PLANS try these favorites;
[b:1350422|DOG And BEAR: Three To Get Ready] … three plans that make good friends.
[b:1354904|The SECRET PLAN] … for bedtime.
[b:1447204|SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN!] … sometimes they work and sometimes you need to revise.
[b:1406819|OH NO GEORGE!] … sometimes it’s a poor plan.
[b:1052993|JETHRO And JOEL WERE A TROLL] … a Troll with two heads? Hoo boy! Who’s in charge? They need to make a better plan ….
[b:1504741|The CARPENTER] ... what do you do with a measuring tape? Make plans !!
[b:1429821|OLLIE And CLAIRE] ... hohum turns into fun when Claire makes a new plan.