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Star Wars: The Last Jedi!


Alright folks! We are officially one week away from the biggest film release this year: [|Star Wars: The Last Jedi]! To help you prepare for this monumental event, we've pulled together a list of just some of the hundreds of awesome Star Wars items in our collection.

To start with, we have all of the previous movies on DVD: [b:1468991|the original trilogy] (consisting of A New Hope, The Empire Strike Back and Return of the Jedi), [b:1489278|the prequel trilogy] (consisting of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith), [b:1491313|The Force Awakens], and [b:1509422|Rogue One]. All of these movies are also available on Blu-Ray.

Kids have lots of movie options as well. First on the list is the [b:1503519|Clone Wars television series] and the [b:1471601|Clone Wars Lost Missions], as well as the stand-alone movie [b:1324346|The Clone Wars]. We also have multiple seasons of the television series [b:1481682|Star Wars Rebels], as well as the stand-alone movie [b:1463334|Rebels: Spark of Rebellion]. The LEGO Star Wars movies are also popular, consisting of [b:1426780|The Empire Strikes Out], the [b:1480189|New Yoda Chronicles], [b:1417145|Padawan Menace], and [b:1489193|Droid Tales]. LEGO Star Wars has a television series as well, called [b:1503952|The Freemaker Adventures].

We have many of the soundtracks from the Star Wars films and television shows, including those for [b:1119927|A New Hope], [b:1120616|The Empire Strikes Back], [b:1217540|Return of the Jedi], [b:1156644|The Phantom Menace], [b:1193688|Attack of the Clones], [b:1253620|Revenge of the Sith], [b:1487570|The Force Awakens], [b:1504338|Rogue One], and [b:1320493|The Clone Wars]. A soundtrack of the original trilogy is available [b:1310936|here], and a CD of instrumental solos is available [b:1381035|here].

We have tons of kids books about Star Wars. For babies, we have board books such as [b:1476236| Epic Yarns: A New Hope] and [b:1487088|Return of the Jedi]. Picture books include [b:1515494|BB-8 on the Run] and [b:1487040|Han and Chewie Return!]. For children just learning to read, we have Readers such as [b:1440877|Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers?], [b:1489356|Death Star Battle], [b:1386989|R2-D2 and Friends], and [b:1422450|Jedi Heroes]. Chapter books for kids include [b:1456181|Darth Maul: Shadow Conspiracy], [b:1459555|Rise of the Rebels], and [b:1486456|Before the Awakening]. Star Wars comic books are very popular, and include [b:1493337|The Original Trilogy], [b:1360794|Crash Course], [b:1462247|Jedi Academy], and [b:1382779|Star Wars Adventures]. Nonfiction reads include [b:1502201|The Amazing Book of Star Wars], [b:1487717|5 Minute Star Wars Stories], [b:1485617|Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know], [b:1471736|Ultimate Star Wars], [b:1402083|The Star Wars Craft Book], and [b:1486436|Incredible Cross-Sections]. We even have Star Wars books for kids in languages other than English, such as the Spanish language book [b:1328200|La Guerra de los Clones Aventuras].

For a full list of Star Wars children's books, see these public lists: [:user/lists/74958|Star Wars Readers], [:user/lists/74960|Star Wars Chapter Books], [:user/lists/74961|Star Wars Graphic Novels for Kids], [:user/lists/74962|Star Wars Nonfiction for Kids], and [:user/lists/74963|Star Wars Kids Books in World Languages].

Teens have plenty to choose from too. Most take the form of graphic novels, including [b:1365314|The Clone Wars series], [b:1356266|Knights of the Old Republic], [b:1293345|Empire],[b:1408285|Invasion], [b:1489157|Kanan], and [b:1295884|Legacy], although there are novels like [b:1501283|Ahsoka] and [b:1514663|Rebel Rising] as well. For a full list, see the public list [:user/lists/74964|Star Wars Books for Teens].

The adult collection is where you'll find many of the extended universe novels, both new and old. These include novels such as [b:1492133|Bloodline], [b:1475355|Dark Disciple], [b:1230721|Jedi Trial], [b:1465669|Honor Among Thieves], and the [b:1264847|Legacy of the Force series]. The adult collections are where you're likely to find film adaptations, such as [b:1154048|The Phantom Menace] and [b:1503508|Rogue One: A Star Wars Story]. There are a ton of adult graphic novels, such as [b:1448919| From the Ruins of Alderaan] and [b:1504304|Heroes for a New Hope]. Adults also have interesting Star Wars nonfiction to choose from, in books such as [b:1476134|Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy], [b:1259640|Where Science Meets Imagination], [b:1289026|The Making of Star Wars] and [b:1499387|Year by Year: A Visual History]. For a full list of adult Star Wars materials, see the public lists [:user/lists/74965|Star Wars Books for Adults] and [:user/lists/74966|Star Wars Nonfiction for Adults].