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Buzzed Bee: A Grown-Up Spelling Bee @ TOP Annex


Thursday June 21, 2018: 5:30pm to 7:00pm


The Annex - Top of the Park

For Whom

Adults 21+


Buzzed Bee returns to Top of the Park for another year of absurd spelling challenges!

Are you a spelling geek who likes the taste of victory? Did losing your middle school spelling bee on the word "broccoli" leave you demanding a do-over? Buzzed Bee is your chance to conquer some words, prove your 5th grade teacher wrong, and do it like an adult--in a bar!

Buzzed Bee will combine some of that nostalgic middle-school spelling bee vibe with a super-fun, laid-back atmosphere, the option of beer, and the guarantee that each round will get more and more ridiculous. And, of course, we'll offer way better prizes than the "Super Speller!" sticker you'd have gotten in the 5th grade.

Spelling starts at 5:30 at The Annex!  Space for participation is limited, so if you want a spot in the bee, come early!


man holding a gold medal with his arms thrown up in victory


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