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I lived in a neighborhood that gave me comfort, courage, and love. Surrounded by the mountains and rivers, I could reside here for a very long time. I spent my whole life growing potatoes.  When I was young, I often thought about how I would be in my mid-age. I thought I would have a beautiful house, a gorgeous wife, about two kids, and may be enough money to afford luxuries without pain. As I grew older, these dreams have become true. I felt like a blessed old man without any problems in life until I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. With this disorder, I couldn’t even recognize my relatives or friends. Don't ask me how I wasn't able to recognize them. I am busy fighting the tree monster out the window.

When I turned 73 years old, my children decided to put me in a mental hospital. I didn’t want to go, but I knew I had to for the family. I spent many years in the mental institution and my family eventually stopped coming to see me.

When I arrived at the big white building, I don't have much memory because I was soon anesthetized. I am so going to get that nurse who stabbed me with a huge needle. It was more painful than the sensation of falling off an apartment. While I was anesthetized, two male nurses just put me on a stretcher, covered my head, and tied my hands and legs with cotton chains. I could still hear the quietness. The nurse stabbed me with a needle again. I don’t remember what happened. I tried so hard but I couldn't. When I opened my eyes, what I saw were human bodies lying down on the ground.  I could not move. The people on the ground started moving, and they were coming to me. At that moment, I passed out because they had no faces and their fingers were making the number 25. When I finally woke up, it was the next day or perhaps was a week later.  I felt a sense of relief because I felt something. I felt lonely.

In this hospital, I couldn’t do anything but just stare at the wall. I thought I would just turn into a piggy bank if I stay in this horrible place any longer. It has been three years since I am here. My family stopped coming here; wait did I say that already?

Through these three years, I became obsessed with the number 25 because of so many things that happened to me was related to the number. The illusion of faceless man with the number 25, my birthday is on the 25th; I came to this place on November 25th, my favorite basketball player had the back number of 25. While I was thinking of this number, I started wondering about the convenience store named GS25. I wanted to go there so bad just because of the number 25.

I wanted to get out of this place real bad that I decided to make myself an escape plan. When my plan was completed, I executed as planned. I had a designated watchman who kept an eye on me all the time. Four days before I planned to escape the hospital, I went to the bathroom very often. I threw myself on the ground powerlessly. The watchman didn’t realize that this was just an act and put me on a stretcher and took me somewhere else. I woke up that night, and I realized I was not in the hospital. I slowly got out the bed and crawled through the way to the exit. I got to the exit and I thought that I finally escaped the mental hospital. However, the door was locked. I knew where they usually put the key in, so I quickly went to get the key and I escaped the hospital. My memories are fragmented but that how I remember escaping the prison. I ran away as far as I could, and I slept with a garbage bag as my blanket.

The next day, I started to see the number 25 all over the place. As I chased the number 25, it ran away from me. I didn’t give up reaching the number so, I kept running. Finally, the number stopped at a convenience store, GS25, the place I was searching for. I went into the store with excitement. The employee stared at me with a vague look. I didn’t know I had such a squalid clothing on. I started to examine the items in the convenience store carefully one by one. When I looked at the pasta box, pasta came out of the box and started talking to me. The pasta shouted out loud,” Welcome to GS25!” I replied,”Thank you!” As I walked around the store, all the things in the store started to follow me; Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, welch’s and so on. They are talked to me at the same time; I couldn't decipher their wordings for God sakes. The snacks asked me,” Could you take us with you? We have been here forever. No one seems to like us.” I walked up to the cashier and told her to free these poor snacks from the convenience prison names GS25. I asked her if I could take those snacks with me. The employee said, "Are you crazy or is this a prank? If you are not buying anything, please get out.” I took the snacks and went out of the store without payment. Next thing I know, I was chased by a couple of law enforcement officers. started chasing me and the chase went on and on. When I was about to get caught, I woke up ready for school. I realized that my creative writing project is due today, and I feel like I know what to make up in my school bus.

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