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They say when you have a brush with death, your life flashes before your eyes. But what if you’ve had no life? What if you’re a young man of eighteen, just freshly out of school. What if the most you’ve had out of life is one girl, that showed you how to look at the stars? The one girl you were torn away from the moment you were called by the draft. The girl who you think of as you sit, crowded and soaked to the bone, waiting as the seconds tick by, as the shore comes into focus, closer and closer. A heavy sense of fear sets in your stomach, making your heart pound, and making your head spin.

You shut your eyes, but when you open them again, all you can see is fear. Fear in the man next to you, fear in the man who’s emptying his stomach, fear in the eyes of your commander as he barks out orders, surveying the men he’s in charge of. Storm the beach, take out enemies, stay alive.

The boat lands.

The ramp opens.

The bullets rain down.

There was no time, and no life to flash before your eyes.


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