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     “Buzz, over here!” Kyla shouts to Buzz Bee. 
     “Let me guess you just want me over there to make fun of me,” Buzz grumbled back to her. Buzz Bee was a experiment gone wrong. He was a meant to be a bee. He had yellow and black hair, black freckles, and his eyes are as dark as black. Well Kyla is just another random he thought, she had blue eyes, bleach blonde hair and dark skin. Buzz lived with some old people who claimed to be his grandparents but Buzz knew better. They weren’t his family, his family were bees now.
     “Buzz get over here! Right now.” Kyla shouted at Buzz.
     “Sorry Kyla I have to go take a test,” he lied to her as he walked into a empty classroom, to eat lunch alone. He sat down on a old squeaky chair in the corner of the room.
     “Buzz please let me sit with you I have something to tell you,” blurted out Kyla as she walked into the classroom too. 
     “Fine,” grunted Buzz from his spot in the room. Than he opened his lunchbox to get his water bottle out. After that lunch together they became best friends.