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It was all too easy to trip on nothing. She reached out to try to stop her papers from falling out of her folders, but they cascaded out all the same, a rain of half finished math problems and B+ essays strewn about her school hallway.  

As she crouched down to pick them up, she saw another figure join her, helping her clean up the mess. Her heart began to race, perhaps this was meant to happen. Wouldn’t it be lovely if her fall was timed perfectly, so that her soulmate would just walk by and see her?
She could imagine it. He would hand her the stack of papers, and their fingertips would brush, and a feeling like electricity would course through her veins. She would look up at him, their eyes meeting, and her stomach would feel all fluttery (but also warm, as if she were coming home). He would smile at her, and she would blush, and that’s how it would all begin.

He shoved his halfhearted collection of papers into her hands, and disappeared into the crowd. She sighed. She didn’t even know the color of his shirt.

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