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The Unnamed Pup

It was Late July, the anniversary of our parents. The day they were murdered. Lexi hardly remembers the accident but I remember very clearly it was her fifth birthday. I was there when it all happened. The words of my father tend to come back to me in horrible nightmares.

“Johnny go!” As he placed Lexi into my arms, “Protect her with your life, take the car and drive to Aunt Alexandra’s Farm. You will be safe there. Now go! It’s coming for us! Run!” I ran to the car and strapped Lexi in her seat. I turned the ignition and several loud bangs echoed in the distance as I drove off.

Lexi was fifteen now, Aunt Alexandra had become old and couldn’t support the two of us anymore. I had graduated with a teaching degree and taught Lexi everything I was learning and had learned. Now it was time for us to move on. Lexi and I worked for a company that rebuilds condemned houses. She and I got lucky with this one house we worked on. The two of us had saved up enough money for the standard one bedroom house, it was already furnished and on the outer edge of a little town in Ohio. I was put in charge of the job and I put together the blueprints for the house. On the nights Lexi and I got home early, we would open up the blueprints and debate on what we wanted the house to look like and the results benefited for the both of us.

One night in our brand new house, the rain was hitting the roof like stones skipping across a frozen pond. I woke up in a cold sweat with Lexi staring into my eyes with her hands on my shoulders shaking me awake.

“Johnny! Johnny! Wake up!” Her blue eyes bright with fear, “It was the nightmare again wasn’t it?”

I didn’t respond for awhile, I just stared into her beautiful eyes, for as they reminded me of my mother. Before I spoke, Lexi grabbed my hands and pulled me to a sitting position.

“Johnny, I’m fifteen now and I can handle what happened to our parents. I want to know! I know that’s been keeping you awake at night and I know that’s what you think about when you stare into my eyes. I found a picture of Mom and Dad in your wallet, I have mom’s eyes and you look like Dad.” I came back to my old self when the thunder crashed outside. I told her the whole story and she did exactly what I had expected her to do, she ran to the loft and sat on the leather sectional and cried.

“Lexi, I know it’s hard, I miss them more than anything.” I walked up the spiral staircase and had lain down beside her and she wrapped her arms around me.

“Johnny, I’m sorry…” She sniffled, “I never knew”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I wish I knew why it happened. It all happened so fast, my only goal was to protect you with my life, nothing more. They died protecting us, and I will die protecting you.”

Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. Next thing I know it’s the middle of October.

“What happened to July,” I ask myself, “where has the summer gone?”

Lexi started to shuffle in the passenger seat. I pulled her blanket up over her shoulders and tucked it around the seat belt. Last night was rough, the heat hasn’t been working lately in the house. Lexi and I slept in the Loft and not even the fireplace could keep us warm. I hardly slept at all.

It’s almost nine in the morning by the time we arrive at our first job in Michigan, we had been driving for about five hours and traffic wasn’t too horrible.

“Lexi, we’re at the job site. It shouldn’t take long, it’s mostly a clean up job.” Placing my hand on her shoulder and unbuckling her with the other.

“Johnny,” she said yawning, “can we go to the restaurant with really, really good waffles after we’re done here?”

“I don’t see why not, we better get started if we wanna make it in time.”

Lexi unloads the tools and I fumble through my keys trying to get the door open, “hey Lex, make sure you grab your gloves, this job is gonna be messy. The people that owned it originally were a bunch of hoarders.”

   “Okie dokie.”

   I open the door and the smell of death lingers, something Lexi and I are used to, it’s sad when we find dead animals in these condemned and abandoned houses, we don’t generally like to talk about it.

   “Alright Lexi, you start cleaning upstairs, the power doesn’t work so watch your step and make sure the batteries are still good in your headlamp. Bring a couple trash bags with you.”

“I’ll start in the master bedroom because it’s the biggest.”

“That’s fine, as long as the job gets done.”

It was very dusty upstairs and a little difficult to see. I opened the blinds, the sunlight was blocked by the early clouds. There was a faint whimpering in the closet but had gone unheard by Lexi who had put her headphones on and had began to work.

Almost an hour goes by.

“Darn! My iPod died. At least I’m finished up here, all I have left are the closets and the bathroom.” I say out loud trying to hold the power button hoping to bring my iPod back to life, “no luck, it’s officially dead.”

I finished the bathroom and heard a scratching sound coming from the master bedroom. I grab the old wooden bat from the wall mount in the hall. When I was about enter the room I was stopped by Johnny who stood at the foot of the steps chuckling at me,

“What are you doing with that bat?”

“There is something in the room.” The scratching grew louder, loud enough for Johnny to notice this time, “I told you so!”

“Okay, maybe you’re right.” He said taking the bat from me and walking into the room.

“I think it’s in the closet.”

He opened the closet door ready to swing and out came a stumbling, small, black, furry creature with bright green eyes, pointy little ears, and a long tail.

“Oh, it’s just a puppy, he looks just like the one we had from when we… Never mind.” Johnny reached down to pet the tiny creature and it bit him! Johnny’s hand started to bleed. “Ouch! Not the friendly type I guess…” In the blink of an eye, the puppy started to grow at a rapid rate.

“Johnny! What… What is that thing?!?!” Lexi screamed terrified of what she had just witnessed.

The eyes of the creature had gone from a beautiful green to a dark and faded red! Johnny tried to smash its head with the bat and it broke in half on impact. The creature attacked, grabbing Johnny with its large claws and taking a large bite out of his neck.

“Lexi run!” Johnny screamed as I stumbled backwards, tripping on a small pile of bones on the floor. I knew those were his final words…

Without hesitation, I took off faster than I had ever ran before, down the stairs and out the door as I heard the brutal screams of my brother. Knowing that this was the last time I was going to see him or hear his voice again. I started the truck and back to Ohio I bolted. “What had I done?” All thanks to me, a bloodthirsty beast had just been released in Michigan, I remember the stories that Johnny had told me of when I had gotten a puppy for my fifth birthday. After all these years, I was convinced by the stories that my poor puppy had been hit by a car before we could even name him. Now I know the truth. Look at what my father has created, a science experiment gone so terribly wrong and nothing could possibly stop it.

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