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Nick Barnes

Mr. Parker

Creative Writing

January 16, 2018

On the Run


The police car sirens came screeching down the street. My heart rate was going a million beats per second. My forehead gushing blood from the crash. Up and over fences, through people's backyards we ran. Tripping over chairs, grills, and shrubs as we went. I almost felt as if i could see that light that everyone talked about, you know like the one from the movies.

“Come on we can make it” i said while panting like a dog.

“I… I'm coming” kyle said as he was falling behind.

I couldn't stop running because i knew if i stopped i would fall over and pass out. There  was a river of blood seeping into my eyes and it certainly didn't help my situation as we ran all around town. The serines didn't let up either, we could hear them everywhere we went. We got slower and slower as i had to help kyle over every fence we encountered. He was in worse shape than me, his wrist all jacked and blood spewing like a fire hose from his arms and legs.

“Max i can't go much longer” kyle said getting ready to give up.

“No we cant give up now, we have come to far” i said as i pushed him along

I felt bad honestly, i felt bad for the cops having to chase us, i felt bad for the people's yards we are running through, i felt bad for kyle because i didn't know how much longer he had. I couldn't worry about that tho because i had other things on my mind at the moment. I felt as if we were pulling away from the cops the sirens got quieter, almost as b h                                                                                                                                 n there were completely gone. We decided to stop in someone's backyard where there was a tall brown fence to get cover behind and gather supplies to mend our wounds.

“Okay let's take care of you” I said as I took my shirt off and ripped it in three to wrap kyles legs and arms up. I looked over at the house and noticed a towel by the back door. I decided to venture through their pretty garden to snag the towel and wrap my head up. I crawled through the bush and made sure the coast was clear. I crawled up and grabbed the towel. The dora explora towel wasn't ideal to wear on my head but it worked for now because if i lost more blood then i don't know how much longer i would have. It was weird out, it was very quiet. I stuck my head out of the bush to try to get a better look and to try and hear if the cops were still coming. I heard something behind me like someone panting, like some sort of animal. It was weird i had heard it before but couldn't pinpoint the noise. I heard whispering at the side of the house and that's when i realized what was going on.

“DOOOOOG” I looked back and I shouted but it was too late. The K9 soared over the fence like a bird and landed on my friend. He tore him apart like a little ol chew toy. I couldn't bare to watch, after all we have been through he had to go like that. I lost my breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the last year it felt. It was a horrible sight. I looked behind me and saw the screen door and knew that was my only way out. I booked it to the door and jumped through the screen i flipped around and slammed the glass door, locked it and ran. The poor family at their dinner table in shock as a bloody boy on the run blasted through their house. I guess there's another person to feel bad for. I threw open the door to find the best sight ever. It's almost as if the gods wanted me to get away. It was a police cruiser. But not any police cruiser, it was the dodge charger. It was my all time favorite car, but i didn't have time to stand and drool, i had to go. I jumped in and put my seatbelt on this time so not to become a human projectile through the window again. I popped that baby in drive and i was off. Right as i took off i heard gunshots, i looked in the mirror to see the whole police department chasing like a helpless little child. I guess i had causes a little bit of a ruckus with all the police fleet coming after me. I knew i had to ditch this car soon and find another one, because they had trackers on their police cars. I got on the highway and headed to where our hideout was. I knew that if i got to the river i could cross there and i would be home free. All i would have after that would be a short trek up the mountain and then to our hideout at the top. I flew down the highway at a million miles per hour. I was unstoppable. I took the exit and headed toward the river. Supriziling no other cops caught up to me. When i got the the river i hopped out and let the police cruiser drive into the river. It was so hard to do but i had to destroy the evidence. I knew i had to cross in order to get to safe land. I jumped in and instantly regretted it. The cold water from the river stung like a milling bees on my wounds. The current pulled me like a huge bodybuilder dragging me across the river. After much struggling and fighting the river i made it out, only half way down the river though. All that mattered was that i was across and the dogs could no longer track me. I started my decent up the mountain to our the club house. Well now it's only mine because the others are gone. It was a bittersweet victory because i got away but unfortunately there was a funeral in my future. I finally made it up the side of the big hill and to our hideout. It has been a while since we had gone here. There were cobwebs everywhere. It looks as if someone had done some vandalism too. But regardless, the memories were still intact and i was here and had shelter. Phew today has been quite the day. My mom had warned me about this. I just couldn't help myself though. My mom said it all started as a kid. I was mesmerized by cars at a young age. I loved cars so much, every single one. From the muscle cars to the big trucks. I layed in bed imagining me driving around making everyone's necks turn to look at my cool car. I would watch all of the car shows being glued to the television for hours. I had gone to almost every car show around.    

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