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Huge flames enveloped around the mutilated car. The forceful impact from the other car shattering the windows, showering mine and my mother's limp bodies.

My mother, just half an hour ago, had woke me up early, 7:03 to be exact. She surprised me with a trip to an indoor water park for my birthday. On the way, a driver swerved into the back of our car, blasting us off the road, and into a brick wall.

My mothers soft voice like a blanket around me, shielding me from the outside world.

“It’s okay baby, it’s all going to be okay.” She choked through broken sobs.

The last thing I saw, through tear stained eyes was my mother, broken and defeated as the flames enclosed us for the last time.

I awoke in a cold sweat, out of breath, and confused. I was back in my bed. I sat up in my bed, What a crazy dream I thought. I looked over to my by bedside table and looked at the clock; 7:02, it read.

Just a minute later, my mother opened my door and turned on the light,

“Hey, i’ve got a surprise for you.”


My heart dropped.

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