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The author, the orphan and the bird


Darkness in the alleyways, watching it from above. Looking for something new to add to the book. Have so many things to do with no deadline. We look for my pet Raveno. You see him flying towards the park, away from home and the two of us. Moving like wind, flying through the streets, trying to catch my favorite bird. Black wing and gold eyes, he lands on your fingertips. Pain, sadness, comforting words spoken in the ears of loved one. I ask of you only these things: Stay happy, finish my books and other projects. Take care of my ring and the other treasures I hold dear, but most importantly, please take care of Raveno. Father figure gone, raveno in his arms. He belongs to the loved one now, so do all the other things at home. Isolation for years, until loved one’s friend comes to see them. I’m so proud of my loved one’s work, they finished my book. Memories fly by my eyes as I rise like my favorite bird once did. I shall watch loved one from a different perspective now. The perspective of the mentor of the greatest author the beautiful city of Paris has ever known, but my work is not done yet, there are so many things to do, in so little time. I must visit loved one now, he will be very surprised to see me and my favorite little bird.

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