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Chilling Visions


The decrepit floorboards moan as he sauntered over them.

In his hands, he shakily held a lantern, the bright orange and yellow flower flickering and casting shadows throughout the crepuscular corridor. The shadows danced and wavered in such an entertaining manner they almost seemed alive.

He glances up at the old paintings, created such a long time ago. The characters depicted in them were long gone, but their still eyes implied that they were watching you, tracking each and every step you took.

He had reached it, the door. It was painted pitch black; the paint was chipping due to the years it had to withstand. Repeated flickers of light bursts through the cracks, like an animal fighting to free itself from a cage. He puts his hand on the cooled doorknob and very slowly pushes the door open. Once ajar, he peers in.

It’s just an empty room… I could have sworn I saw a light a second ago…

He thinks to himself.

The room was vague, only a single bed, a dreary desk and a chair, and a single string of moonlight glares through the broken and tattered shades.

So it is empty after all…

He sighs as he closes the door.

I guess those rumors about this creepy old house were hoaxes after all. Why go through all the trouble to build hype around this place if nothing about it is real? That’s stupid… he scoffs and retreats back down the hallway.


But wait… A gunshot? But this house was empty! There couldn’t possibly be anybody else here, especially not at this time at night!


He picks up his pace, suddenly eager to escape.


The sound of footsteps approaching made his heart run wild.


He ducks behind a table in the hallway, trying to assess his situation.


The was barely enough time to think or act before he realized the noises were occurring ahead of him instead of behind him.

He stands up, picking up his dropped lantern and scampers the opposite way down the hall.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

The racket was nearing closer until it sounded like it was right on top of him.

As he stumbled past the ominous room he dives inside, locking the door immediately. He feared the noise would expose his hiding spot, although this wasn’t any better than the previous.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

The sound of footsteps echoed through the empty hallway as they retreated away from him.

He was left alone, in the dark room, lit only by the single twine of luminescence.

The stranger had passed. He was safe now…

Or was he?


The sound of various writing utensils clashing against the cold, hard stone floor.

He flinches at the sudden racket, hoping the mystery intruder won’t hear and come madly running through the hallways, only to find him, instantly ending his life without hesitation.

He didn’t want to think about that thought.

Maybe it was the wind. Maybe the windows are open.

I hope so…

He thought to himself, frantically pacing back and forth trying to create an explanation, real or fake.

He skittishly walks over to the window.


At this point, he began to panic.

He had no chance of escape. The window was too small, and if he even Dared go out, he would be killed for sure. No doubt.

He just had to wait.


In the dark room.

He scampered about the room quietly searching for a hiding spot in case he heard the human nearing his current not-so-clever sanctuary.

Tap, Tap, Tap…

Rings a sound, coming from the door.

It didn’t sound like a fist, furiously banging on the already half broken door.

It sounded much lighter, kinder, yet it struck him as odd to heard such a sound in an abandoned mansion.

Rats? No, doesn’t sound quite right...perhaps a… Bird?

He strides across the room, picking up his dimming lantern.

Please be a bird…

He thought, frantically hoping it was.


The door hinges whine as he gradually opens the door.

The frenzied flaps of angelic jet-black wings swarms into the room.


The sound of the bird lightly hitting the ground.

A raven… Silky smooth feathers; combinations of blue, green, and purple, only revealing themselves in the naked light, such grace and beauty, like an angel, but a devil. Very smart and mischievous creatures… He caught himself thinking, his gaze fixed on the distressed raven.

It seems to be...hurt? Did the intruder shoot it?

He kneels, hoping he won’t scare the already frightened thing.

It lay still on the hard stone floor, its beady black eye darting around.

Suddenly, it puffed up its feathers and opened its beak.

‘Run! Run away!’ Crowed the Raven, its voice hoarse and crackly.

The boy stumbles back out of shock, nearly knocking his lamp to the ground.

The raven hops up and flutters out of the room.

Where is it going? It could get hurt again!

He thought as he dashed out of the room, dropping and breaking the lantern.

The hallway was exactly as it was before, dark, cold, dusty…

The long winding carpet seemed to go on for miles and miles, in every direction.

Great… I’m gonna get lost in this maze…

He coughs as dust particles float around through the air, caking the walls and furniture in the corridor.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

The sudden wail of the bird, echoing.

It seemed to be coming from all around him, in no particular direction.

I think It’s coming from the...right?

He asks himself, quickly turning right into another seemingly endless hallway.

Caw! Caw! Caw…

It was retreating farther and farther, its beautiful black feathers just out of reach…

This is a bunch of crap! I shouldn’t care about a hurt Raven, I need to focus on escaping…

He thought bitterly, moving away from the distant cries of the bird.

Into the darkness that followed him…

He soon came to a fork in the road.

Right? Left? Forward? Why is this so hard?

For a minute, he stood against the wall, contemplating his situation.

And soon enough, he had chosen left.

When in doubt, Always go left or something…”

His choice was not only a terrible one, but also a fatal one.

The darkness lingered, swallowing him whole, nearly disabling his sight.

The dust around him was suffocating, filling his lungs.

He began to cough, slowly at first, then harsher and harsher.

I need to get out of here! Where is that Dahm exit?

He thought as he ran through random halls, his hand plastered to his face, shielding himself from the villainous dust.

He ducks into a room to escape, ignoring what resides inside.

I have to escape, this dust is literally killing me!

He leaned his back against the wall, coughing into his hands. His vision was blurring, and his knees were feeling weak.

Am I going to faint? Not here! Not now!

He thought as he slowly slid down the splintering wooden wall and thumped onto the floor. His eyelids felt heavy, suddenly closing. Before he closed, there was a shadow briefly appearing in front of him.

The Raven… dammit! I thought it ran! What the hell is it doing?

He thought as the raven stood on his chest, only making it more difficult to breathe.

‘Anybody who enters… shall face their demise.’  the bird cawed a final time.

He shut his eyes, preparing for the worst.

There was a small bang, as if somebody had jumped.

He opens his eyes, confused.

The raven had gone, but standing beside him on the floor there seemed to be a man.

In the dimly lit room, he appeared to have dark blue and black hair, along with glasses. He held, by the handle, a chainsaw slung over his shoulder. His grin was haunting, burned into his mind. He seemed to be wearing a pair of black glasses, his beady greenish-yellow eyes peering down at him as he lay helplessly on the floor.

His outfit consisted of a jacket with black jeans. The jacket he adorned was plain and simple, black with highlights of a stunning yet dull white.

‘Well, Time for you to die!’ He cheerfully said as he revved up his chainsaw, which looked to be modified in a way. It was red with golden lines streaking through it. Drops of blood stained the steel shell. The handed was welded almost seamlessly to the body, and it had little keychains attached to it.

Oh god… I’m going to die!

He thought as he clamped his eyes closed and covered them with his hand.

The only thing he heard last was faint laughing and the sound of the chainsaw coming closer.”

That was nearly 3 years ago… he should be back anytime, I don’t know what he got himself into…

↜The End↝


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