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Earning your wings

I am a Raiju, the Japanese dog. It’s simple. I want wings. no feathers. I want claws, and horns, fangs, a tail. I want to be a dragon. Society does not accept strange things, such as me. But society is wrong. The world that I live in is very abnormal. I have never seen a human before, I live in a world where hybrid creatures roam the planet. I am not feared. I am just one of 50 Raiju in this vile and cruel world, It’s kill or be killed here, eat or be eaten. My only choice is to kill, kill smaller and weaker creatures. I shall move my way up the ranks. I am the Alpha in my pack. I am only respected between them. The queen of dragons is a large and beautiful being, her wings the largest of all. We are told to respect her, but she is not my queen. If I should become one of them, perhaps I could work with the queen. I shall become a dragon, I will work with the queen. I will be respected, have fame and fortune. All I have to do, is earn my wings.

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