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          What does it mean to leap? That my friend I can tell you. Each of us, 200 to be exact all stand on a track which had 200 lanes and appeared to go on forever. We all stand side by side each other dazed and confused for what would happen next. All of the sudden a loud Russian voice came from a loudspeaker saying “To Leap” then a black line could be seen in every lane. Everyone had 6 seconds to leap to the line or their lane fell into a black abyss. The first 30 minutes over 25 people fell, mostly elders and a few blind people. After 1 hour only 75 remain getting rid of the overweight and the non physically active. After 2 hours down to 50, 3 down to just 25,  4 just 10. Then 10 remained for a good 3 more hours until only 2 remained, I an olympic long jumper, the other a man with robotic legs. After 6 hours of painstaking leaps I fell into the abyss. As I fell into blackness I heard “The humans will always fail, Robots will never!”

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