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It had been 2 hour and 42 minutes since I got to the party and had yet to touch the snacks. “Eat something, you look weird not eating something.” I thought to myself as I sat on the couch. My eyes gazed upon the table full of tempting sweets, an empty bag of chips, and a vegetable platter. I decided to have a carrot; to at least have something healthy if I felt obligated to eat for the first time in 3 days. So I bit into it. My two front teeth started to ache when I first bit into the carrot and used my back teeth instead.

It took me a few seconds to swallow the uncanny, rather tangerine coloured, vegetable. I looked back at the clock. It was 11:08. It took me 4 minutes to finish my snack.

Most people had already left the party. I heard a buzz on my phone in my back pocket. My mom was here to pick me up. I thought it was a good time to leave as well.

I got home and immediately went into my room and closed my door. I took out my journal and wrote “+ 4 Calories”.