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Dear insecure girl,

Let me paint a picture for you.  There was once a world completely composed of two shades; black and white.  One day, a man took a stroll through a park he came upon.  The wind danced by him, through the trees around him, and swept him off his feet.  He fell to the ground, and sat in contemplation.  He watched the wind rustle the leaves in the trees and bend the flowers toward their roots.  The man began to see beauty in things he had never seen it in before, and suddenly, the world was changing before his eyes.  A new color, cool and calming, spilled through the sky.  New shades coated every bit of earth around him.  The man, moved by this newfound beauty, began to cry.  Why had he missed all this before?

Please, insecure girl, remember this: you are that planet of black and white.  Although you can wait for someone to see you in color, there is a better alternative.  Let yourself be the man in the story.  See yourself in a different light because you are missing something, and just need help to see it.


Your future self

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