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  Star Hopping



        This is a story about Zero, a normal spaceman adventuring to find a home.


     Zero to hero, just like that.  


    Zero, your average richman, had just entered the lottery in Las Vegas, and won it. He was just coming out the lottery building, where his friends were waiting for him outside. Harumi, zero’s sister, asked,  “ Did you win?”


    Zero looked at her, a smug smile on his face, waving the winning ticket. He replied “ Yep, im the richest man in the world now” Another friend of zero’s, named fafnir, asked


    “Even more money than Bill Gates?”  


    “ That man has as much as a penny compared to me” Zero said,smugly.


    Just than, across the street, a tall man named cyrus, also won the lottery. He was waving his lottery winning ticket high.


    “Hey dork squad, hows it feel to know that you’re poorer than me,” He said.


    “First off, Zero has as much money as you,” said Bones.  


    “And second off, I don’t care” said Zero.

    As of that moment both of them started walking in opposite directions, both scoffing  as they walked away from each other. Zero’s friends just stood in front of the lottery building. The two doors of the lottery building open, and the owner of the place yelled,


    “Get off my property!” Zero’s friends started scurrying off towards the direction zero went.


Chapter 2

     Back at zero’s cottage, everyone was drying off from the rainy night outside. While everyone was drying off in the living room of the cottage, Zero was pacing around, thinking how much money he has. Xandar was about to ask why Zero was pacing around, but zero put his hand up to silence him. Harumi whispered to xandar,


    “Never try to talk to my brother when he’s thinking, he’ll just silence you”


    “Oh, well, ok,” Xandar answered, sounding a little mopey


     Just then, Zero’s face lit up with excitement. It seemed like he had an idea.


      “I’ve got it,” he exclaimed,


    “I’ll buy a planet!” Everyone looked at Zero crazy, while still sitting on a couch.


     “Llew, s’eh enog dam,” said Enaz, unsurprised. Zero suddenly stopped pacing and ran towards the door, grabbing a ‘For sale’ sign, and went outside. He planted the sign on his front lawn, waiting for offers for his old cottage.


Chapter three

    Zero walked back inside, where he saw everyone else crowded around Bones. They were looking at how many offers for the cottage there were. Zero moved bones out the way and clicked on the highest offer. Zero pointed at Harumi and fafnir. He said to both of them


     “You guys are coming with me to find parts for our custom starship,” Harumi and Fafnir looked at each other and looked like they hoped this was going to be quick. Luckily for them (and us) it did. Their terrible model of a spaceship was complete. They mined diamond for 16 days in murfreesboro. They were all in the rocket ship chairs, ready to go. Zero pressed a button, and the back engines ignited.


    “Let’s roll!” said Zero. Everyone else felt scared. Enaz peed his pants. Vrrrooommm! The gang lifted off, breaking out of earth’s  atmosphere, and into the unknown.


Chapter 4

    The crew of the new ship, now called The shiny ship, was flying towards their first destination, the planet of Shinvel. Why the planet was there is anyone’s guess, actually, there was 5 different planets next to earth. No one really cared though. The shiny ship finally landed on the planet of shinvel, where they were greeted with a suburban city, run with a vast planet of floating corporal human like bodies with long arms, flowing white hair, and glowing yellow eyes. Zero walked into the first set of houses, and found a inhabitant of the planet.


    “Hello, friend, where is the leader of your planet?” asked Zero. The inhabitant ignored him and floated away.


     “How rude,” said Harumi. They walked around, asking more inhabitants. And each one they asked became aggressive. One slapped Enaz in the face, which caused a huge scratch. It wasn’t long before they were running from a huge mob of inhabitants.


    “This was a huge mistake Zero” said fafnir, while still running from the mob. Everyone else running away nodded in agreement. They almost made it back to the shiny ship successfully…. Until Zero took a weird ball thing with a blue light on top, and sat it on the ground. Once it touched the ground, it turned flat, and started blinking.


    “Just for pictures, said Zero

The mob ran up and into Zero,Fafnir, Harumi, bones, Enaz and Xandar.


    “Oh shoot” said Harumi, before her and everyone else got beat up by the mob. When they got back on the shiny one, Everyone was mad at Zero. Zero knew this.


    “Siri?” asked Zero.

    “Yes?” answered siri, out of the shiny ships microphone

    “Make us some green tea” said Zero

    “Ok” said siri. Everyone perked up at Zero. They all didn’t smile, but they felt gratitude towards Zero. The shiny ships engines ignited with a Whirr and lifted off of the planet shinvel.


 Chapter 5


      The shiny ship landed on the next planet called ‘Nothing’. That's all the planet was. But the only thing there was a stand with a guy with a face of an elephant and a body of a human. Zero walked up to the man and said,


    “May I buy this planet for Seven-hundred octillion please,”


    “No,” said the elephant looking man


    “How about 2 Googleplex?”


    “No,” said the elephant looking man.


   “Why not?” asked Zero.Xandar walked up to Zero. “Dude, lets just jet, this guy is just a

Wet blanket.” Zero turned around to face Xandar. He had confusion written all over his face. He walked back to the ship without a word. Xandar followed quietly. Zero sat in the captain’s chair, while everyone sat in other chairs. The ramp on the Shiny ship folded up and the ship flew off.

Chapter 6

     After another two fails with planets Annix and vionet, the crew of the shiny ship flew to their final destination, The sun, named Vy Canis Majoris. The reason it was inhabitable is because of a substance called sunlife, a solid, was placed around Vy canis majoris, and has made way for a civilization. The shiny ship landed on the planets docking bay, only to find another ship that was made out of diamond, but made differently.


     “Thats weird.” said Harumi, looking at the ship. The small team moved forward into a city similar to new york city. Zero gazed up at the city.


    “Wow, it's almost as bright as the sun,” said Zero.


    “Never would, never will be,” replied Xandar. The team finally found a huge dome, with no roof on top of it. It had flags around it and flashing lights. There was also cheering. Enaz pointed at the dome.


    Enaz said “ebyam ew dluohs og ni ereht,” suggested Enaz.


     “It does seem...interesting,” said Fafnir.slowly walking towards the dome. Everyone else followed fafnir. Zero hesitated, but he followed. Arriving in the dome, the saw a huge crowd, waving flags, setting off fireworks, and more. Zero stepped forward to see a floating cube and inside it, he saw a platform with water below it. Two figures were fighting on the platform above water. Zero looked closer towards one of the fighters. One was very tall. It looked almost like... Cyrus?!

Chapter 7

    Cyrus blocked his opponent’s attack towards his head. Then, he saw an opening in his stomach. Cyrus knocked his opponents staff out of his hands, causing it to fly into the water below. The opponent was defenceless now. He put his hands up and started begging for Cyrus not to hurt him. Cyrus replied,


    “Should’ve done better than.” Than, Cyrus jabbed his staff into his opponents stomach. His opponent felt the blow, and toppled back into the water. Then there were cheers and applause from the audience. Cyrus raised his staff toward the sky.


    “Anyone else dare challenge me, Cyrus, to a fight?” Cyrus asked. No one raised a hand. Cyrus scanned everywhere, seeing no hands, until his eyes laid on…


    “Zero, old rival, so good to see you here, were you also here to compete, or to buy this planet?” asked Cyrus, with a wide grin. Zero heard Cyrus. Zero raised his finger and pointed it at Cyrus.


    “Ok Cyrus, I accept your challenge,” Zero said, “but what if i win?”


    Cyrus thought for a moment, then spoke


     “If you win, you get my money, spaceship, and this planet,” said cyrus “but if i win, same thing happens, but for me.”


    Fafnir pulled Zero back for a second. He had a stern expression on his face.


    “I don’t think you should face Cyrus,” said Fafnir


    “Why not?” said Zero,”because you think i’ll lose?”


    “No, its because Cyrus literally is the best guy in the dome at fighting,” said Fafnir, concerned.


    “I don’t care” said Zero. He looked away from fafnir and stepped towards the cube.


Chapter 8

    Zero stepped into the cube, a staff at the ready. Cyrus starred hatefully towards Zero. It was as if there was a barrier between them. Just then, the announcer on speaker spoke.


    “For our final contestants, these two go back to when they were, and still are, rivals, meet Zero and Cyrus!” The audience cheered. Back on the ground, Harumi whispered to Enaz,


   “Zeros going to lose,” Enaz nodded his head in agreement.”well, i hope he at least tries, so, go Zero” said Harumi. Enaz nodded his head in agreement to this too. I hope he wins, for our sake, and his, thought Fafnir. Xandar yelled towards Zero.


    “C’mon bud, you can do this!” All of Zero’s friends were giving him support, Zero knew this. He clutched his staff harder and waited. The announcer spoke again.


    “And let the battle...Begin!” Zero and Cyrus charged at each other, their staffs interlocking when their staff’s met. Zero managed to push Cyrus away from the middle. Cyrus fell back but caught himself right as Zero lunged at him. Cyrus blocked with ease, then seeing an opening in Zero’s stomach, he kneed him there.Zero felt the impact really hard. He fell backwards towards the edge of the platform. Cyrus put his foot on Zero’s stomach.


    “How pathetic,” said Cyrus. Zero felt complete and total rage, so he took his staff and jabbed it in Cyrus’ face. Cyrus screamed and staggered back. Zero got up and whacked Cyrus in the head.


    “OW!” yelled Cyrus. Zero chuckled. Then he slammed his staff into Cyrus’ right kidney. Cyrus fell to the floor. Zero stood tall and proud over him.



    Zero said,“Who’s pathetic now, Cyr-” WHAM! Cyrus toppled over Zero. The crowd gasped.


  “Get up, Zero!” yelled harumi. Zero couldn’t. Cyrus got up and hit Zero like he was a golf ball. Zero slid into the water, defeated. Zero realized what this meant. He was now, Poor

Chapter 9

    Zero felt angry about how he lost. He left the dome, defeated. His money was gone. His friends followed with him out the dome. They were also stuck on Canis majoris. They wandered around the big city, begging for money. The locals rejected them, throwing trash at them while doing so. Finally, after hours of trying to find money, the gang returned to the docking bay, where their used to be ship is. They stared at it, feeling ashamed for losing it. They watched as landing crew towed the ship away to the cities capitol.


“Hey guys, we all know that Cyrus owns the planet, our money, and our ship,” said bones. Everyone stared at him, then harumi piped up,


    “So what does that mean?” she asked.


    “It means, if we want the money back, we go to the capitol,” said  Bones. Zero heard bones saying this, so he got up, and started running towards the capitol, his friends following close behind. When they got outside the capitol, two guards were standing outside the capitol. They saw zero and his friends and were holding spears, so both of the guards crossed each others. One said,


    “None shall pass.” Zero stepped toward the guard. The guard put his spear meer inches from zero’s face. Zero put his hands up.


    “Hey, hey it's ok guy, were all friends here,” Said Zero,”right?” the guards looked at each other, then at Zero and his friends.


    “We told you to leave, now you pay,” Said a guard. Zero was making hand gestures to try to calm the guards down. Harumi suddenly stepped in front of Zero. She pointed at the guards, angry.


    “Hey, were not here to raid you, were just here to speak-” Bam, the doors of the capitol slammed open, as Cyrus came out. He finished Harumi’s sentence


      “Me.” He smiled while the guards stepped aside. Cyrus looked at Zero.


        “So , you came to challenge me,” Said Cyrus,”to what?”


    “I challenge you to a race, in the grand canyon!” Said Zero. Cyrus’ smile turned into a confusing face expression. He stepped closer to Zero.


    “What makes you think, after you lost in the cube, this time will be any different?” he said.


    “Because we're gonna race, with other people” Zero said,”and if i win, i get all my stuff back, and you must follow my instructions to build my own planet.”


    “And what if you lose?” asked Cyrus. Zero thought for a moment, then answered.


  “You’ll send me into a endless hole.”


Harumi covered her mouth in shock. Enaz shook his head and looked away.


    “Deal!” Said Cyrus, holding out his hand for a handshake. Zero went to shake his hand, but Cyrus pulled his away.


    “Sorry, i don’t shake peasants hands,” Said Cyrus.



Chapter 10


    Everyone made it to the grand canyon, along with a huge crowd and announcers. Zero felt good to be home, but he would feel better when he had his own. He looked over to the starting line, where all the racers vehicles were parked. Cyrus bumped pass Zero to get to his Tank, with rocket boosters on the back. All the other racers went to their vehicles, while zero was still watching.


    “Hey, Are you gonna get in your vehicle?” asked a racer, named Gazem. Zero started walking towards his vehicle, which was a ski speeder he had hidden. He got into his vehicle and was ready to start the race. Zero’s friends were above the trench-y bottom of the grand canyon. They found Zero’s Ski speeder revving up with the rest of the vehicles through binoculars. Fafnir waved an american flag for no reason. There was street lights at the starting line. An announcer came in front of the crowd… to well, announce.


     “Hello, audience,” the Announcer yelled so the crowd could hear him,”today we are doing a race in the grand canyon, with 12 racers, over 70 traps, holes and more, 1 track, this should be exciting!” the crowd cheered for that opening statement.


    “The race will start in 3,” the light turned red,”2..” the light turned yellow,”1, and goooo!” the light switched green and the racers ventured off into the canyon, except for Zero, who was having vehicle troubles. He found the right switch and was off. He was going fast but was stilling trailing behind the other racers. He managed to catch up to the racer in 11th place, then Zero slammed into the other racer next to him and the racer crashed into the canyon wall. Zero managed to pass 2 other racers before catching up with Gazem, there speeders still going fast.


    “Hey gazem how's it-” BANG Gazem pulled out a blaster and tried to shoot Zero with it. He was trying to kill Zero, Zero knew this, so he accelerated his speed, with Gazem following close behind. They were passing through a gas hole section. Zero swiveled his ski speeder left and right to dodge the gas holes. Gazem trailed behind zero and tried to shoot Zero with his blaster, missing in the process. Because of this, Gazem fell into a gas pit without knowing. BOOM! Zero looked behind him just to see Gazem speeder explode, and Gazem flying high into the air. Soon enough, Zero passed his second lap within minutes. Traps and holes grabbed the victories of the other 5 players, which only left 5. Zero caught up with the other 4 racers, including Cyrus. Just then, Cyrus got hit by a jeep. Cyrus looked out of his tank to see the jeep about to hit him again. Cyrus was ready, so he got back into the Tank and fired the cannon. BAM! The guy driving the jeep flung into the air and landed with a thud onto the sand like ground. Zero was looking at this, when the jeep driver got out a blaster and shot it at Zero’s Speeder. BLAM! The shot caused a little bit of smoke and fire to come from the ski speeder’s left wing.


    “Dirty little sore loser!” said Zero, angry. He was now more focused on winning.BOOM! Vehicle parts flew past zero. Zero managed to catch up with the other 3 racers. Zero looked around him, then he looked up, only to see..


    “Archers!” yelled Cyrus, just as the archers shot at the other racer. It shot his controls. The racer was frantically shaking his head. There was sparks, and the racers vehicle was blown to bits. Now it was just Zero and Cyrus.


      “How's it feel to know i'll beat you again!” said Cyrus to Zero.


      “It feels like you’re gonna lose,” said Zero. The two saw the finish line… and a large sink hole. They were neck and neck. Cyrus looked over to see that Zer’s ski speeder wing was on fire. He got into his tank and shot a missile at Zero. Blam! The left wing flew off of Zero’s speeder. He started trailing.


    “Welp, here goes everything,” Zero said, right before leaping onto Cyrus’ tank. CLANG! Zero fell onto Cyrus’ tank. Cyrus heard the clang, and looked outside, only to see Zero


    “Zero, what are you doing on my tank?!” Cyrus asked, surprised.


   “Comindering it, you rich little jerk,” answered Zero. Cyrus got out of the Tank to fight Zero, while leaving the controls unoccupied. The tank was speeding towards the sinkhole. Meanwhile, Zero started to fight with Cyrus. Zero kicked Cyrus in the face, while Cyrus punched Zero in the stomach. Zero nailed Cyrus a lot, while when Cyrus attacked, Zero dodged it. The tank reached the sinkhole. Zero saw this, and cyrus didn't. Zero rolled towards the front of the tank, while Cyrus  felt the tank plunge downwards into the sinkhole.


    “Aaaaahhhhh!” yelled Cyrus, just before there was a BOOM! And tank parts flew everywhere. Harumi saw the tank explode, knowing that was the last place she saw his brother. She slid down the top part of the canyon and into the trench. She peaked down into the sinkhole, but the only thing she saw was darkness. So instead, she yelled into the sinkhole


    “Zero, are you there!” she yelled.


   “Nope, just-ow-me,” said Cyrus. Harumi thought.Did he die in the fall? Harumi felt sad, but did not cry. She instead looked around, but saw nothing.


    “Oh come on, i am not dead guys,” said Zero, across the finish line. Harumi saw the figure of her brother, then ran up to him, and punched him in the rib. He let out a small ‘ow’ but he didnt care. The real thing that mattered was getting that planet he won.


Chapter 11

      14 days after winning the race, Zero was sitting inside his mansion on his very own planet. He looked outside to see Enaz fixing a Siri post, while fafnir was talking to bones. Zero got off his sofa and walked outside, only to find Harumi waiting right next to the door. She shot out,only to punch him in the arm.


    “OW, Harumi, why do you keep punching me?” said Zero,rubbing his arm.


    “Well, its just how life goes i guess,” said Harumi. She walked away. Xandar was coming outside of the mansion, yawning. He looked tired, mostly because he partied too hard last night.


    “So, what are we doing today?” asked Xandar. Zero gazed at his world, cities with high tech gadgets, and suburbans, were there, it keeps the simple things in life.


    “Anything we want,” answered Zero. Xandar was just thinking about what Zero just said. He took out his phone.


    “Siri,” said Xandar.


    “Yes,” answered siri.


     “Put dominos on the line, i need my breadsticks,” said Xandar


     “Right away sir,” said siri,dialing the number. Zero shook his head happily. He stood with all his friends. He always got what he had wanted, a home.


    “Hey, Zero,” said harumi, “i get half of the planet too.” Zero completely forgot about that, and wished it were not true. THE END.


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