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AAMPS: Nessa (Live at Johnny's Speakeasy)

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 5:32pm

Nessa is a Celtic fusion group led by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, Kelly McDermott, known for her dazzling flute technique and beautiful, soulful voice. She is joined by co-founder/multi-instrumentalist Rob Crozier to research and arrange the music of Nessa.

This hard-working team re-imagines the ballads and dances of the U.K. and Europe, uniquely blending elements of classical, folk, jazz, funk and world music to create rich, complex musical hybrids. With no shortage of virtuosity, Nessa includes some of Southeastern Michigan’s hottest players.

The band moves audiences with funky reels, “barn burner” jigs, and deep, soulful glimpses of old stories.Nessa has a mystical, dreamy side akin to the music of Loreena McKennitt, an energetic aspect not unlike Solas, a touch of global fusion a la Pentangle and Eilleen Ivers, and a depth and dimension similar to Brian Eno.

Johnny’s Speakeasy: For decades, this local venue has hosted beloved local and touring acts — roots, folk music, and Americana in particular.

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Length: 01:36:51

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Johnny’s Speakeasy