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Each vivid color radiated life, jumping and prancing around her, beckoning Gloria to lose herself in its enchantment. She had strayed from her family and girlfriend to traverse the unknown territory of the annual Cinco De Mayo celebration. However, her attention was dedicated to mimicking the sly movements of her older brother, who fashioned a gleeful grin while they ducked around the crowds of people. He seemed to slink away from her the second she made a move to grab ahold of his hand, but she eventually caught him leaning against a wall.

“Thank you,” she whispered at war against her tears.

“Anytime,” he joked while his suppressed somberness finally came to surface.

Alejandro savored his last look at his sister, full of life, and gazed down at his translucent form with a frown. He looked up and ascended into the boundless sky with an unmatched spirit of determination. All of a sudden, her world had returned to varying shades of gray, the way it had looked the day before. However, it did not feel the same because although she was back to living in a dull universe, she cherished her moments in the illuminating spirit of her deceased brother.

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