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I have one green eye and one brown eye.  The green eye sees the truth, but the brown eye sees much, much more. My brown eye can see the world. I could close my green eye, making sure to keep my brown eye wide open, think of something, and suddenly I would be able to see it. This would be really useful sometimes. I know whenever my friends are hanging without me, and I would know what the smartest kid in the class, Alexander Smith, has written on his test paper. You may be thinking WHOA. I wish I had that kind of thing. But oh no, you are horribly mistaken.

I am unable to use this power all the time. The green eye yes, I can use whenever I want, how many ever times I want. But the brown eye? Nope. I have not used its power yet. As soon as I use it, I will be sent into another dimension, a one that is totally the same as the one I am in right now. But that dimension, it has someone who I am not supposed to meet until my 13th birthday. Someone dangerous.

When I was born, a curse was placed upon me by my own fairy godmother, Redspider. She is a tall woman, with polished black horns on top of her head, a flowing velvety black gown and cape, and lips the color of blood. I was just 5 days old, when I was cursed. Not just any curse, but a deadly one. You want to know what that curse is, of course. I will tell you. Listen carefully. 

It is with this curse that I am unable to live my life peacefully. It is this curse that keeps me from going to a normal school. It is with this curse that I will die a gruesome death. Whenever people look me in the eye, they fall into a deep sleep. They can only be awoken again if Redspider came and touched them with her magic wand, which is why I wear dark glasses wherever I go; to protect my eyes. 

Thinking about it, without this adversity, I had a pretty nice life. My neighbors are all pretty much the same age as me, so when we were younger, we used to hang around together at the local park. Now of course, all of that’s changed. I made the worst mistake of my life, which was telling my ‘best friend’ of the pack, Rachel Phillips, of the biggest secret I’ve ever kept. But in my defense, she kept trying to ask me why did I wear dark glasses all the time, even in winter. I was too young to think of any lies, so I told. When I told her, her face fell and she said “oh,” in a very quiet voice. “Tell me, do you think I’m normal?” I asked innocently. “Yes of course, you’ve been my best friend for life!” Rachel said with a fake smile on her face. I closed my brown eye. I opened my green eye wide and I knew the truth. Rachel had been lying. She demonized me. Allegations that I was a witch floated in the air. I knew that she was behind all of it. She was never going to be my friend again. 

Slowly after that, they started to drift away from me. Which is why I don’t have any good friends now. But once I reach the life changing age of 13, I will meet someone. A boy. Who has the same set of eyes as me, and yes, with the magic powers included. 

Lucky for me, I turned 13 this morning. This day has been the most unwanted and dreadful day in my life. My room door creaks open. It’s my mother. She gives me a lecture on how I should be expecting body changes, and I thought she was finished when she stood up. But she sat down. Then she actually started crying. I was galvanized. In the most calm manner, I asked her “What happened, Mom?” Then she told me why he was crying. It was because my set of eyes are special. They are very rare. The chance of anyone having this set of eyes is one in a million. “Honey you should always remember, if you see a boy who is about your age wearing dark glasses, don’t be afraid. He knows what you are going through, as he has been going through it too. Just go talk to him. Ask him questions. You both are to figure out what to do next.” I looked at my mother. “Suzy, I wish you did not have to go through this. Your grandmother did, but at age 30 instead of 13, since her fairy godmother was a different woman. She failed. I miss my mother terribly. Her fatality left me speechless for many, many years. I don’t want to go through the pain of losing a mother and a daughter,” she gave a quick little smile and left, closing the door behind her. 

I stepped outside my house. Closing one eye, the green one, I ran. I opened my brown eye wide. I ran and ran and ran. Finally I stopped at about what looked right. McDonald's? A feeling of doubt flooded through my body. I looked at McDonald's. Everyone inside looked so happy, sitting and eating with their families. I looked at the door. A boy with dark glasses about my height stepped out.

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