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What is like a waterfall?
Pale winter rain;
Hail clashing on failing shields;
Heartless tears weeping for the unknown;
How anger pours into a person, just like that;
The falling of men in meaningless, hopeless battles;
Flowers spreading over the epitaphs of the ancient;
The patter-patter of footsteps inside a near-empty classroom;
Pebbles beating against a lethal rock, sharp as a snake’s fangs;
How easily hearts fall into despair as time pushes forward;
The muted cries of helpless slaves in eras of short lives and frail lifelines;
Losses of crystallized splendor melted against the brimming hot clock of eternity;
Taps of shattered glass falling into an embracing abyss;
A peaceful morning shower, simple and calming;
The rocking and wavering of the ocean as the trembling waters meet lightning and thunder;
Agonies of spring and the turning of the season’s tides as life blooms and shrivels;
A newly coming hope and fidelity faltering and growing at every moment . . .

What is like a waterfall? When falling in love.

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