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I woke up to the startling sounds of the DareDevil’s Central Computer.  To listen to such catastrophic noises of the almost malfunctioning craft has proven itself to be cancer in the Void.  Surprisingly, despite the long fifty years this craft has been present in, the thrusters remain intact and the Interstellar Positioning Processor may one day be the automation that results in my rescue.  

The celestial bodies that surpass the DareDevil’s glass aperture have become an accustomed sight for these old eyes.  Stars of different color have become so normalized, they resemble the morning Sun back at my home planet.  

I conveyed the expression that millennia had passed.  Yet the digital monstrosity that counts the dreadful hours, my clock, has proven otherwise.  Leaving Earth, on the year 3023, was no easy thing to omit.  The haunting images of the erupting magma still haunt my dreams, and locating a new world was no easy task all these years.

As I passed another solar system, only one fourth of a light-year across, I was filled with sanguinity.  The Central Computer showed high oxygen levels, and at once I had a view to a green, glorious world below.

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