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So there I was right in the middle of nowhere. I turn to take surveillance of the area only to see countless amounts of trees that looked like they went on forever. I call to my wolf, Midnight, who was running around like an absolute beast. As Midnight trotted in my direction, I begin to walk along with him on a trek through the woods, a trek to wherever the northern star brings me.

There was one thing about Midnight that made him different from all other wolves.There was this light shade of blue mist that came off of him every time light touched him, forcing him to stay in the shadows. But I like the darkness because of the night stars and the sounds of bugs like crickets and the lights of fireflies that make the night worthwhile.

As Midnight and I are walking through the forest,  I hear a sound not an ordinary sound. It was a weird sound like the popping and screeching noise a tree make as it falls. Just when I thought that I had figured it out, I was the farthest away. Just then I hear another life defining noise coming from the other side of me. I look at Midnight and he looks back at me almost as if  he was thinking what I was thinking.

So I spoke out loud, “Stay close boy. I don't know what was up ahead.”

So as Midnight and I slowly creep up on the random noise, we began to see more and more light. When we almost got close enough to the light, I step on a branch and it breaks, sending out a sign for all saying we were there. At that instant the light went out and the creature took off into the night. I look at Midnight and it almost looks like he was trying to say,“Good going tough guy.”

Just then an ear piercing noise breaks the silence from just behind me. I didn’t have time to turn around, before I hit the ground out cold. I awake to an astonishing heat. I look around and see extremely tall lava waterfalls raining from the ceiling. As I bring my focus back towards the middle of the room, I see a man filling the chair he sat in.

I look at the man closer in detail and see that he is wearing an all black crown and is wearing a blacked out set of clothing. A Few minutes later, I finally reach the end of the long bridge. The two minions that were following me along pushed me on my knees and turned around and walked back along the bridge.

When I turn back to look at what I thought was a man, now spread giant orange wings and caught on fire. The person turned and looked at me and put both feet on the ground and then turned into a person, a person like me.

He asks me my name and I respond with Joe. After what had seems like forever, he walks  towards me and offers a hand up off my knees. Now on my feet, I ask what his name is. However I was abruptly cut off and the same two minions that had walked me down the path were bringing someone else.

Later on after the fire person had done his little greeting thing again, he reveals that he is really a she. Her name was Sophie. Now that we had learned her name and talked for a while, the other man and I were sent on a long mission. The mission was to a place called “Long Beach.” I instantly thought Long Beach would be a beach, but once we climbed the stairs up out of The Salt Cavern, I discovered that it was not actually a beach that I would have imagined.

This beach had wrecked boats littering the sand, as well as dead fish, and what looked like a whale off  in the distance. Just as I began to look away from the whale, in the distance I see the faint glimpse of smoke emitting from just over the crest of the beach. Andrew, my companion, and I want to check out what we thought was smoke from something, something big.

Once we approach the object we find out that it is a helicopter that crash landed on the beach not too long ago, because it was still on fire. Andrew starts to say something along the lines of, “I wonder If…,” but was shortly cut off by the chopper exploding. After the explosion, Andrew pointed out a blue box in the wreckage of the chopper.  We sat down and wait for the fire to go out.

After about an hour, we decide that it is safe to enter the destroyed aircraft. I enter first and Andrew followed not far behind. It was still scorching hot inside, however we still persevere through the heat. As we search  the rubble of the chopper, Andrew tells me to search the storage cabinets. I open one of the cabinets, and I pull out an old tattered photo of a man and his dog that somehow survived the flames. That is when it struck me that I didn’t have Midnight. I guess that I had been so caught up in getting out of The Salt Cavern, that I had forgotten all about Midnight.

I took off as fast as I could. I run the same way I came from, but was stopped as fast as I took off by Andrew calling out my name in confusion. I stopped and yell  out to him saying, “ I forgot something at The Salt Cavern.” He also  starts to come my way, but in a slower less eagar manner.

Once I get back to The Salt Cavern, I ran back down into the lavafall bridge area and before I step on,  it starts to collapse into the lava under it. After the bridge was gone, Andrew catches up to me and starts asking me questions, because apparently he sees the entire bridge collapse right before me. He asks if I was ok and what I came back for. I tell him what I came back for, yet he doesn’t  believe.

After I told him about Midnight, the lava falls emptying into the pit below and suddenly goes into overdrive. As the lava almost got to the height of where the bridge used to be,  Sophie came swooping in to tell me to go to the wildlife preservatory. Just then the ground started to shake, and as it rumbled, the roof started to cave in. At that very instant Sophie told me to go to one side of the bridge and Andrew to the other. She told us to open the boxes on the ground and inside there would be purple bars. I opened my safe and inside there it was the shining glittering purple bar that was so bright, I had to squint to look at it.

I handed it to Sophie, and it evaporated and then shortly after, Andrew had done the same. A gigantic rock the size of the sun seemed to grow closer and closer, until it came to a sudden stop and the took on a bright purple glow.  It then exploded with an ear piercing crack. I looked over to Sophie who had a matching glow, as it faded away, and she fell to her knees powerless. I rushed over to see if she was alright, and then she got off her knees and said that she was fine and thanked me for the offer.

After we got out of the cave, she told me again to go tho the wildlife preservatory to seek my possessions. After she told me a second time, she wanted to start to rebuild so she was going to stay back.

I replied with, “Is Midnight at the preservatory.”

But before I could hear the answer, she disappeared with a white purplish flash. Andrew at this point was going crazy, because he didn’t know what was going on. I said that I would tell him on the way and a little of my backstory as well.

After a little while I learned that he used to be a soldier in the big war that made the world the way it is today. He also told me that he lost all his family in the war and set out to get his revenge, when this little ball of light appeared right in front of him and gave him the thought of following it. Apparently it led him to the same spot I was brought to where the minions captured and dragged him in the same way.

As the days passed, we finally made it to the preservatory, and it was not as exciting as I thought it would be, because it almost looked like a big factory, where animals were tested on. I took off towards the walls the size of skyscrapers but before I could reach the walls Andrew stopped me and said, “It is not going to be as easy as it seems so you might need this.”

He handed me a ball and said to push the button on the other side, but when I did the unexpected happened. At that very moment the ball expanded and wrapped itself around my body creating this armor that fit my body perfectly. I looked over at Andrew, who had done the same and started to fly, and then I heard a cracking voice that cleared slowly became clear, and I realized there was a com system in my and his suit.

I was puzzled so I asked him, “How do I fly?”

He responded with,” Just think.”

So I thought about probably a little too much, because I took off into the air like a rocket.

After I got good at flying, we entered the premises via the sky. As we flew over the animals, they all were different from the others. They all looked poisoned and sick. That is when my suit had a slight malfunction, and I plummeted to the ground. After hitting the ground and landing next to me, Andrew asked what happened.

I said, “I think I broke focus going over the animals.”

Just shortly after I heard a loud demanding voice bellowing out, “ GET DOWN!”

I awoke to a giant creature laying right on top of me.  I struggled to get up, but I couldn’t. I looked around to see, if  I could use anything to help myself get up, but nothing was in reach. As I looked around, I saw Andrew fighting off the monsters trying to get at me. I knew that I would have to help, because he wouldn’t be able to hold off forever. I thought about strength and then tried to to lift the creature,, but no strength came to me. I tried again, and again, and again. Then it came to me. Overwhelming strength came to me, and I pushushed the creature off my body.

Once Andrew realised that I was up, he started to talk to me again, telling me where to find a gun. He told me to look by the doors and in the crates all around.

I ran over to some of the big creates all around and opened one of them and inside just as Andrew told me there were guns and lots of them.

I grabbed one of the guns and then over the coms I heard, “Not that one.”

I reached for the next one and then again I heard, “Nope.”

I turned and looked at Andrew, and he was smiling and than said, “Try the one on the left.”

I looked at the gun on the left and said to myself,  “Is he crazy?”

Slyly I tried to reach for the gun in the middle, but yet again, I heard, “Left.”

Finally I grabbed the gun on the left and started to shoot the creatures, just as Andrew had been doing.

After a while Andrew and I began to push our way the through the mob towards the giant gates, where I thought Midnight might be. As we got to the gates, they began to open which Andrew and I thought was different. As the gates revealed an enormous robot, we opened fire.

Andrew yelled out,  “We are not doing anything. I think we should run through its legs.”

I thought that the idea was crazy but before I could respond, he took off towards the robot. He went right through the legs with no effort at all and I began to repeat his actions. As I started to run, the robot looked in my direction and started to shoot.

“FLY,” Andrew yelled out as I ran towards him.

Then I realized that I could have just flown, but I didn’t so I had to start now. As I began to fly, I went right under its legs and then told Andrew to follow me, and we went to the other side of the Preservatory.

Once we got there, we started to look around, however the ground started to shake, and then Midnight was raised into the air in a cage. I sped towards Midnight but was stopped abruptly by a gigantic bird the size of the sky, that flew out in front of me. I flew back over to Andrew to come up with a plan to take down the bird guarding Midnight.

After some thinking and trial and error ,we came up with a plan to defeat the bird. After three rounds of our plan the bird looked like it was getting tired and ready to give up, when it grabbed the cadge and started to fly away. As the bird flew, Andrew took out his best gun, which was a sniper rifle and shot the bird in the back of the head making it fall out of the air dead. As the bird fell, I noticed it was near the edge and Midnight was in danger.

I took off flying towards the edge, and saw Midnights cadge hit the edge and break open then the tragic happened. Midnight fell out over the edge and I jumped off after him. Once I caught up to him, I tried to fly up but I couldn’t. As I fell I said goodbye to Midnight and shut my eyes. As all went black I felt a hand grab my arm, and I opened my eyes to see Sophie. Somehow I had my hands around Midnight’s paw, and with great strength, Sophie pulled us both back to safety.  Sophie had put her fiery wings to good use.

Midnight and I returned to the woods to complete our quest , but this time we were not alone, we had Sophie and Andrew with us. Once again following the Northern Star wherever it would lead us.

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