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     Whenever his mom drove him to school, Josh always caught a glimpse of his favorite dog! Josh had seen this dog everyday for two years and had noticed there was something strange and quite unusual about him; his tail had an oddly consistent wag. One particular morning, Josh observed the dog bounding after his rubber ball the owner threw. Josh smiled and began to turn away when a blue light caught his eye. “What was that?” he asked himself. The light was attached to the dog’s collar. When the dog moved, the light blinked. Josh had seen that somewhere before. Josh racked his mind trying to find the memory of this. Concentrating, he thought hard. Yes! That’s it! His video games! When a character moves, the light blinks and calculates it to the master to tell it what to do next... “Uh-oh,” exclaimed Josh, now understanding the meaning. Turning slowly, Josh gazed out into the inky morning light just as the dog turned in unison with his owner. Their eyes met his and were a piercing white that were truly heinous. The blue light blinked on as the dog’s lips split into a horrifying smile.

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