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Black. Everything was darkness.

“Why are your eyes closed?” said a voice.

“I like it here in the dark,” I said. “There’s nothing to be sad about, and there is nothing that can hurt me.”

“But it’s pleasant here in the light,” said the voice. “There are birds, butterflies, and the prettiest of flowers, and the sun is blessing everything with color.”

“But there are humans as well,” I said. “And with them are the endless evil, the relentless demons, and the unbearable truths that I’ll have to fight.”

“That is true,” said the voice. “But you also have a reason to fight, and that’s what makes life so beautiful. Among all the sadness, tragedies and evil souls that reside on this earth, there are still the birds, the flowers and the sun to look forward to.”

I hesitated. “What is it like, living in the light?”

“It is both dark and bright, both disappointing and wonderous. But there is always hope around every corner.”

I smiled.  “That’s enough for me,” I said, and opened my eyes.