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/*Personal log, star date 3141592.65: “Mom told me, I have to go back to school. I thought, when I live on a starship, the computer can teach me. I will attempt to change her mind, but I don’t think I will be successful.” //Log End*/

/*Personal log, star date 3141593.64: “I tried to reason with mom, but there was nothing I could do. My first school day will be on star date 3141595.64.” //Log End*/

/*Personal log, star date 3141594.64: “Today was my last free day. I explored the starship and even got an opportunity to visit main engineering and the computer core. I was able to help one of the engineers with a small file system storage problem.” //Log End*/

/*Personal log, star date 3141595.64: “In only a few hours the school will start. I am nervous about going there, but mom said it will be all right.” //Log End*/

/*Chief security officers log, star date 3141595.87: Severe incident in school room 2. An engineer implanted a virus in the sensor grid that made it unable to detect his weapon. He held a group of students hostage, then killed them later. Casualties: 19, (1 adult, 18 children) //Log End*/

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