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After the dream, I felt so incredibly different.


I stood there, eyeing the door. Looking from it’s gold knob to the dark brown shade of the wood. I took a step towards it and the floor responded with a loud creek. I stopped. Then took another nervous step. Beads of sweat rolled down my neck as I reached for the gold knob. I put my hand around it and stood there frozen.


“One,” I whispered. “Two..,” I continued, closing my eyes.


“Three,” I finished and my eyes opened as I twisted the knob and pushed. I’ll never forget what I saw. I swear as long as I may live, I will never forget that very moment. Right before me was a mirror. As I gazed I saw a woman with a tank top and shorts on. Cuts and scrapes all over her skinny body. A mop of red hair coming down to her shoulders.I stared in awe as I saw the scariest sight of all. The person I had become. This was the first time I had ever seen my true reflection of myself.

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