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Mike was walking to the restaurant down the street and found one hundred dollars on the ground a block away from the restaurant. At that moment a man wearing a blue shirt and black pants, he asked Mike if he had seen a one hundred dollar bill on the floor. Mike said “I’m sorry, i haven't” and walked off to the restaurant right around the corner. When he went around the corner he saw that the restaurant was closed. He was so mad but so happy that he found the one hundred dollar bill on the floor.  He walked home and decided to get delivery. But his phone was died. Mike went to his fridge and looked inside but nothing was in there. He was so hungry that he went to a hotel and bought a room just so that he could get room service. After eating his food he left to get his clothes because he already paid for the room, so mind as well.

While he was in the car he has at a stop light and noticed that the guy behind him was not stopping. The guy hit Mike's car and mike in it. Mike was injured very badly but the driver of the car behind Mike was fine. Mike had to be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible or else he would die. The ambulance got to the hospital and he survived. He had to stay in the hospital for a few more days. After they asked for the money that he needed to pay them with, but he called his bank and told them what happened but they said that he was broke. All he had was the one hundred dollar bill. The bank gave him a loan of 1,000 dollars, but he had to pay it back in two months. He left hospital and went back home, but he then realized that he lost his keys at the hospital. He couldn’t get an uber because his phone is dead, and he couldn’t drive because he lost his keys and he crashed it. Mike thought about the one hundred dollars that he found, Mike was getting carma, when the man asked Mick if he had seen one hundred dollars on the floor and Mike said no and walked away. Mike tried to find the guy that asked him for the one hundred dollars but he couldn’t find him. Later that day he came across a homeless man, Mike walked up to the sleeping homeless man and put the one hundred dollars in his hand. Mike walked away and saw in the distance a truck that said free rental for 24 hours. Mike ran over to the man against the side of the truck and asked for it and gave him one hundred dollars on the spot. Mike jumped into the truck and headed to the hospital where his keys are. When he got to the hospital he asked for Mike Sanchezes keys, they asked for his drivers license and Mike gave it to them and head out with his driver's licence and keys. Mike found his car in the parking lot and unlocked the car. He left the truck at the hospital he thought to himself that he was going to pick the truck up after he dropped his car of at his house. He finally got to his house and parked the car, Mike got out of the car and walked into his house with a big surprise, there were a group of people sitting on his couch yelling “SURPRISE”. Mike jumped in the air with shock, he forgot that it was his birthday. Someone came from the corner of the room with a cake in her hand and throw it in Mike’s face with a SPLAT! Mike fell to the ground with laughter and joy, It was two hours later and Mike was still having fun, he was a party king. He loved seeing his friend and his family at his party. It was three hours later everyone left and Mike was sleeping, he heard a loud Bang sounds in the distance. People were throwing rocks at Mike windows and fences. Mike got out his loud speaker and yelled at the youngsters. Mike called the police but the phone line was cut. Mike heard a noise coming from the basement. Mike went to his mobile phone and called the police that someone was in his house. The police said that they were on there way, Mike saw someone running at him with a bat, Mike went upstairs and hid under his bed, while the man was walking down the stairs Mike pushed the man down it and killed him by accident. The police arrived and saw the man on the floor died. They ask Mike what happened and Mike tells them everything that happened including where Mike pushed the man down the stairs. Mike went to court, then He pleaded not guilty and didn’t end up going to prison. He went home and watched netflix for a few hours then got a call from his mom saying that his dad had passed away. Mike went to the funeral the next day, And crying all day and missed his father very much. After the funeral he went to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant to talk to his mom about stuff, While they were talking about stuff Mike saw a girl he thought he knew as a friend. Mike asked his mom if he could be excused to go to the bathroom, Mike then walked over to her and said hi and They talked and talked and talked some more. Mike left with her and had a better life.

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