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The Roman empire has eaten the entire Mediterranean for breakfast. Rome himself had invaded most of those countries, corrupting their government to his will. Germania had been close friends with Rome for a long time.  He looked down on the capitol city from nearby hills. If he entered now he would be attacked by soldiers and civilians alike.

“Time to get zhis over vith.” Germania began to creep down the hill towards the city. The closer he got, the more commotion he heard. He could make out some of the Italian, Rome was kind enough to teach him. Mothers talking among themselves, children laughing and playing and fathers talking business.

In the city he snuck through alleyways, trying to remain out of sight. He needed to break into a manor, he needed to obtain something from them. It was in the center of the plaza. Great, just great.

Germania waited til the street was close to empty. He entered the streets, the metal from his boots and chest plate clinked together with every step he took. His long blonde hair following behind him and his cape covered the weapons he carried. He had already gotten suspicious looks  from the few people in the streets. He clearly stood out, his pale skin and blonde hair was clearly different from their tan skin and dark hair. The closer he go to the manor, the more looks he got. Untrustworthy Romans

Soldiers were being to come down the street towards him. He picked up the pace and they began running to him. Germania had no choice but to break in. He threw himself through the window. The woman inside screeched in fear. He jumped up and raced around the manor looking for the stairs. He could hear the soldiers behind him. Zhat damn woman.

He climbed the stairs to find another maze of halls and doors. He began running down the halls calling out the names he was given. Faint crying and calls for help were not too far from him. The soldiers behind him began to fire arrows at him. One clipped his leg, one went through his shoulder and the last through his heart. But he kept running. He burst into the room and picked up the three boys.

The father of the manor began shouting at him, demanding he put his boys down. Germania leapt through the window and landed on the street below. He ran back through the alleyways, up the hill and mounted his horse. The soldiers were not too far behind him, he could hear their horses racing up the hill. The boys began to cry as he raced back North. He just had to make it to his village and he’d be home free.

Hooves pounded against the forest floor, crushing leaves and twigs under them. Germania lead his horse through the trees with ease, jumping over stone walls and logs with grace, he knew this place like no one else. The Roman soldiers were losing ground behind him, several had already been lost by the trees, never to be seen again. The gate to the village was just up ahead, the arrows in him cut deeper and the wounds bleed more with each movement. More arrows were fired, most of them missed but one went straight through his head. He could feel the wood and iron pierce through the skin and bone. He raced on.

He made it through the gate, the soldiers from the village began attacking the Romans to keep their people safe. Germania trotted home with the three boys still crying. When he entered the house he was greeted by his dogs, his son’s and the Roman Empire himself.

Rome approached him slowly with a saddened look in his eyes. He had been crying while Germania was gone. Germania moved his cape to reveal the three boys. They stopped crying and their faces lit up “Grandpa Rome!” They shouted and leapt into Rome’s arms. He hugged them tightly, tears of joy streamed down his face and a bright smile made its way across his face. Rome put down his grandsons and hugged Germania tightly. “ Oh grazie Germania, grazie for getting my boys away from that horrid man! I could never repay you!”

“It’s nozhing vreally.” Germania started to pull the arrows out of him, blood dripped out of the wounds and off the arrows. After they were removed the wounds closed immediately. “You should really train your soldiers to fight something immortal” He laughed. Rome giggled with him. Rome hugged him once more and Germania hugged back. They faced each other and shared a loving kiss.

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