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“Okay class today we’re going to be looking at human remains!” The teacher said.

The whole class grumbed. “Come on! Not humans again. They’re so boring and weak.”

“They are a special type of being. Yes they had their defects. They couldn’t sustain living but they had one thing that we don’t. Emotions.”

“What’s an emotion?”

“It’s a feeling, a state of mind.”

Everyone in the class went “Ahhhh.”

“Alright so you are all going to receive a chip. Now, that chip contains memories and thoughts from humans. Humans that died. Your assignment and our objective is to listen to these thoughts. We are going to try and understand their emotions and see how they felt. Maybe try and figure out why they were so weak.”

Everyone groaned again.

“Alright everyone make a line for the chips!”

“Are these actual memories? I don’t believe it.” I asked.

“Yes, every thought and memory is saved on this chip.” She said.

“I don’t understand why we have these?  I thought humans were inferior? This is useless.” I questioned.

“It isn’t useless. Humans were complex mammals. We have these chips to preserve some sort of humanity.” She stated.

“Can I pick which one I want to listen to ?” I asked.

“Yes, of course. Take your pick.”

I take a good look at everything. I see one in the corner that has a yellow stripe on it.

“I want this one.”

She takes the chip off the wall and puts it into a chip reader. She hands me headphones and I walk out the door. I can only have the chip for two days. I head home to listen to the chip.

I set down my bag and pull out the chip.

“What do you have to say?” I mumble to myself.

I insert the chip in the reader and plug in the headphones. I sit back and listen.

The world is going to end. I know it. We are all going to die. No one seems to care about our earth. We sit here and damage it with our pollution. We kill our animals and destroy the environment. Global warming is going to end us. Seasons are barely a thing anymore. Animals are becoming more and more extinct. We-

She knew the world was going to end? Damn. This chip might be good. I hit play and continue to listen. I enjoyed her voice.

We rarely eat real food. Almost all of our food is created in a lab with no nutritional value. Yet, the advertisers say it is full of nutrients. This food is going to cause obesity and get us sick. Do we not see what's going on right in front of our eyes? It feels like everyday we're losing more and more human qualities. No one talks to each other anymore. All we do is text. It feels like we're turning into robots. This isn't right.

Hey! Robots are great in fact. We are intellectual and are much more interesting than humans.

Our voices are becoming monotone. It's like we have no emotions left. We don't feel anymore. We're all numb and dead inside.

I found myself confused about her words. It didn’t make any sense.

Today it's getting worse. They say on the news they want to implant chips in us. This can't be real. What do they want from us? It feels like I'm the only person concerned with this. Does anybody care anymore? No of course not. All anyone cares about is technology. It isn't how it used to be. And I don't think it ever will be.

I don’t… This is weird. How am I supposed to react to this.

I always think it's getting worse but today has really sucked. I just got my chip implanted after demanding that I don't want it. It feels like i'm getting stripped of my human characteristics. The government is completely blind. All they care about is money and war. They think that this is all a good idea.

But it's not a good idea. They just want to destroy everyone. Wait, what am I saying? A part of me says this is right and another is confused.

Everyday it feels like the end is close. I can almost feel it. I haven't been doing much these days but preparing. Preparing for the end. Call me crazy but I know it's near. I have tried to leave the country and go somewhere beautiful. Everytime I get denied. They don't  want anyone leaving. I'm onto them.

I want to do something.  

I've made it through another day. It's what I tell myself everyday. Whenever I see the sun I know it'll be okay. The government can take everything away from me but they can never take away the sun. Everyday that I get is precious to me. I won't take it for granted.

I don’t know how to respond. This is awkward. This person seems like such a nice girl and I can't meet her. She didn't take anything for granted. Everyday to her was precious. I never thought about life like that. I'm promised everyday but, so was she. It got taken away from her. This just isn't fair. The government should pay.

I woke up today and the sun greeted me. I sit in my bed and breathe. The air is barely clean. It's filled with toxins. Almost everyone I know has breathing problems and we wonder why? The Earth is hurting. I know it. We're tearing away her blue and greens and leaving her with smoke. I don't wanna leave this Earth. She's given me so much and we've all stabbed her in the back. We've used her harvests and crops and have left her with nothing for herself. I’m so sorry Earth.

The Earth. I can't believe they got away with this. We were created because of this. It’s not right.

Today is 3.02.4005. It feels off. The sun wasn't here to greet me. The air feels hotter and smells like ash. I sit here and hope that this isn't the end. I don't want to go out like this. I want to live and have a family. I want to explore and fall in love. I want to do so much. I hear a large boom sound and my heart begins to race. I'm nervous. I know what I have to do. I don't have long. Hi, for anyone listening to this in the near future my name is Lucy. I am 23 years old and I am from New York. I have always loved living and this Earth. My heart breaks knowing this might be my last day, minute, second or breath here. I have wanted to do so much with my life. I have wanted to help this earth but it's been declining. The government is behind this I know it. Another boom goes off. Fuck this can't be it. If you're listening ten years ahead or a hundred, please do me one thing. Make them pay and don't let them do this again to another race. It isn't right. I'm so sorry Earth. A last boom goes off.

“Your objective is to listen to these thoughts. We are going to try and understand their emotions and see how they felt. Maybe try and figure out why they were so weak.”

I look down and a single tear slides down my cheek. I think I finally know what pain feels like.



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