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Perfect is the word the word they use to describe her life.

Her curly hair is gorgeous as well as her stunning smile.

She has such a happy family. She’s so lucky her parents are together still.

She gets the best grades and is beloved by all the teachers.

On all of her posts she gets the most likes and comments.

That’s all that really matters right?

Just the selfies you post and who you hang out with.

Or where you live, what type of shoes you wear, or what highschool your going to.

Wrong. That’s just stereotyping.

Because behind that bright smile and sparkling eyes she’s hiding it all.

How her grand pop is sick and her parents fight all of the time and how she cries herself to bed some nights because she feels unloved.

Why she had to switch schools and how much it hurts when they make fun of her.

That perfect girl only lets some people in to see the real her because she experienced hurt so many times before.

So if you don’t know the perfect girl like that, don’t say it.

Because you never know what she may be hiding behind that beauty.  


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