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  • diod u get to see the super blue blood moon eclipse or meteor

  • I saw the eclipse at camp, and it wasn't that neat cause I was in michigan. But my mum saw it in OR and it completely blocked out the sun. PS: I know nothing about a meteor.

  • what no not that eclipse that was sooo long ago

the lunar eclipse! it was gigantic and red

Wow serafina seriously? the meteor was like 6 feet long and it hit michigan

  • Aw. I didn't hear about any of that stuff ):

Did anyone we know get hurt or anything?

  • no it shattered in the atmosphere. it is only puny fragments now

  • Whew. That's good. (:

  • how bright it was (image of meteor light)

that light is it

  • whoa neat

  • its called the fireball because it was so bright

  • that's SO COOL

  • yeah now about the super blue blood MOON eclipse NOT THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IN 2017 AUGUST

looks like this

giant red moon

i couldnt see it tho bc clouds and also earth shadow dang it earth why it would have been so cool

  • oh i kinda remember that. it wasn’t very prominent in portland though

  • … srsly?

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