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Murmured sounds of people talking fill the room as the softness of a blanket caressed against my body. Where...where am I? I faintly heard my name mentioned somewhere in the room and I turned my head and felt a sharp pain. My blurry vision shows my mother and a man standing in the doorway of the room.

“Oh, Ava are you awake sweetie?” My mother ran over to me with glee on her face.

“Mom, Mom where am I?” I croaked with shakiness in my voice.

“You're in the hospital just relax. After you fell, you fainted and they’re running tests now, to see-”

“Fell? What are you talking about?” I demanded.

And then slowly memories started flowing back to me. I was up in a stunt at Regionals and I lost my balance. No I didn't lose my balance my stupid base lost her balance. And now I’ll be blamed over her. She's clumsy and I can't stand working with her. So who's surprised it’s Brenna that messed it all up and made me end up here. I constantly have to yell at her for being such a terrible cheerleader. Maybe she dropped me on purpose? I wouldn’t rule that out to be honest. I closed my eyes to hide from the glowing lights on the ceiling and start to speak.

“So am I…OK?” I asked my mother as the man stepped forward and bends down to the level of the bed.

“Hi Ava I’m your doctor, you can call me Dr. Ellis. Were taking tests right now, the results will be back soon.”  he pronounced.

“Ok and when will that be?” I sharply say. I don’t have time to just lay here and wait.

“Umm maybe a couple hours? You’ll have to stay here until then.”

I winced in pain as I try to sit up. “Are you serious right now? No...No I want to go back the competition! Mom!” It suddenly hit me as I realized I left. I left the competition. I left my team. Yet was it my fault I ended up here? God no I’m the best one on the whole team. I’m sure they all failed without me.

I tried to sit up feeling an ache in my back. “Listen I’m fine I can survive a sprained knee or something, but I need to get out of here.” I demanded

“Ava.. you didn’t just sprain a knee you broke your leg, we still aren’t sure how bad it is.” Dr. Ellis states.

“What?” I whisper with disbelief. “My leg feels fine look I can move it. See?” But when I tried to lift up my leg I winced as pain shoots up through my body. My mother yells something along the lines of “Stop you're going to make it worse.” But I’m too busy holding back tears to even notice. I yell at my mom to leave, and she obeys with Dr. Ellis following right behind her. I lay back down gently blowing my jet black baby hairs off my forehead. A hint of hairspray comes into my mouth and the sour taste overcomes it. God why does Cammy always load my hair up with hairspray? This morning I was so stressed that I couldn’t do my hair and she had offered to help. She always seems to be the one to do everything. How annoying. She yanked my head so hard I just had to yell at her. I mean how do you expect me to say thank you after that. Like she goes on and on saying I’m sorry Ava oops but I still can’t stand her. She has this Auburn colored hair always sleek down her back with a small barrette in the side that she never ever changes- oh wait not today at least. She switched things up for once in her life. Of course she's fine and look where I am in a cold hospital bed with the annoying sounds of beeping echoing through the room. My leg still aches in pain from before as I layed there. My head looks up and I see a object on the counter. Ooo yes my phone...Jackpot! I tried to reach for it but it was no luck. Slamming my head on the pillow of anger I scream for Dr. Ellis.

“Hello its an emergency! Dr.Ellis!” I yell trying to sound in pain. He rushes in with my mom right behind. He has fear in his eyes as he scanned the room and looks back at me and questionably says  “Yes Ava?”

A small smirk appeared on my face as I pointed to my phone. “I need that.” I wiggled my fingers to make it seem desperate. Dr.Ellis heaved in a deep sigh and gently grabs my phone and placed it in my hand. “Ava you only yell for your doctor if something is actually wrong ok?” I continuously nodded completely ignoring him.

“Alrighty that's it you can go now,” I state and flip through my recent messages. I have about 38 texts and 45 snapchats just waiting for me to answer. There's a lot of “are you ok?”`s and the classic “Hope you feel better!” with an occasional “What happened?”. I noticed how some of the girls who texted I barely even knew. How did they even know I was hurt? Huh strange. I clicked open snapchat and see the same repeat of questions and comments. Then one catches my eye, and I quickly replay it. “Thanks for making us lose :)” Yeah that's right she even put a smiley face. What... who was this? I glanced up and see that GiGi  plastered on the top with three pink hearts after it. Gianna (GiGi for short) and I had always had a rocky friendship, if you could even call it that. Freshman year she was bragging about good of a grade she got on some science test that I didn’t do so great on. I may or may not have gone to the principal and said she cheated and was trying to sell cheat sheets. Ok I did, it was too easy. I just had to make a fake cheat sheet and pretend to cry and be a victim peer pressuring or something like that. And the look on Gianna's face when she got suspended for a week? Priceless. But she’s kind of had it out for me since then after we fakley made amends. I clicked her name and began to type back something along the lines of “How dare you i'm injured and could almost die.” Would I die from this? I doubt it but I did hurt my leg pretty bad. It's been forty minutes since I first had woken up here and it's gotten worse by the second.

I’m all alone now, after I had shooed my mother away and Dr.Ellis hasn’t come back in. Wow I guess he doesn’t care for his patients how rude. With a dramatic role of the eyes I go onto Instagram and my eyes are stunned of what pops up.

It’s a picture of me from I think...Florida? I went there last year on summer vacation but how do people even have this? There's a hashtag #PrayforAva written on the top in pink and my face fills the screen. I scrolled and scrolled and I saw the same picture posted by about 25 people. I saw how Brenna posted it. How ironic. I wondered if maybe this will go viral and I’ll be on the news or something.  Maybe I could even become the “it girl” of the grade. You know,  the girl everyone admires and wants to be. Once I’m fine from this and I’m out of the hospital everyone will want to be my friend. I’m just working on getting out of here first. A nurse came in to check on how I’m doing but took one look at my aggravated face and left the room. Wish I could do that. I think as I looked down and see my leg all bundled up a huge cast. I actually felt pretty lonely when I realized not one of my “friends” had come to visit me. Sure they may have posted something, but that doesn’t mean anything in real life. But whatever I’ll yell at them all once I’m out of here.  A person walks into the room gently shutting the door.

“Mom?” I guessed, since it seemed to be a female. I see her sitting in the corner as Dr.Ellis leaves the room and shuts the door gently. “Mom what is it?” She stares not knowing what to say.

“Ava, umm.” She starts but tears swell up in her eyes before she can finish.

“Mom just say it.” I yell without showing any sympathy.

“You could possibly, be paralyzed. The doctors aren’t positive but you could be.” She says coming over to give me a hug.

My reluctant actions disappear as I hug her back with tears building up in my eyes. She walks out of the room to call my dad and leaves me alone.

I opened  my phone and immedIately texted the cheer team group chat the news eagerly awaiting anyone to respond. 10 minutes later. Still no answers. There's 18 girls in this group chat, yet not one of them had the empathy to text me back. I would normally feel angry but sadness rushed through my body.

What if I could never really walk again, and I lose all my friends. I’ll be all alone, I can't live like that. I went onto Instagram, And posted a picture of my leg with a  caption explaining my problem and how I really need some friends right now. No comments appeared under the post, as I waited for the next 15 minutes.

Why is this happening… I thought my “friends” cared about me. I looked  down at my wrapped up leg and imagined my future. A paralyzed girl can’t cheer anymore, or even go to high school. I would lose all my friends, and my entire life would be over.  I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, since there seems to be nothing else to do but I found myself very uncomfortable, not being able to toss and turn. I stare at the ceiling longing  to be back home perfectly fine. Eventually I fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed about falling over and over, in slow motion. A shake on my shoulder awakes me, as Dr.Ellis started to speak.

“Ava, we have the results. Your OK. Your leg is just broken, but it will heal quickly.”

“I’m OK. I’m OK? I’ve been sitting here worried that my life wa-was over! And now suddenly I’m fine? Not paralyzed. My life isn’t over!” I yelled.

“Well, Yes.” Dr. Ellis looked surprised at my reaction and looked for reassurance from my mother who was sitting in the chair next to my bed. “Ava, this is great news, I don’t understand where this anger is coming from.”

“Anger? Yeah I’m angry knowing that you wasted my time here. My leg is broken and apparently that's all. You can leave the room.” I said turning my head to face the other way.

I flip open my phone to post to Instagram “Hey guys so guess what? #AvasOk and I’ll be back at school real soon!” In less than 1 minute 10 comments flooded in of how great this news is. It's the same people in the group chat who wouldn’t answer when they thought I was paralyzed.

Oh so now they answer? Just wait till I see them in person.

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