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A mysterious, unopened letter fell out of the woman’s pocket.  Trying to contain all of her kids made her oblivious to the fact that it was no longer in her possession.  The letter floated to the ground and landed with a smack on the sidewalk.  It sat untouched, but only for a second, until the foot of a stranger kicked the letter into the air.  The once white envelope of the letter was now stained with a brown footprint from the stranger.  It flew with the wind and gained speed.  The letter did flips, turns, and somersaults before landing in some new, distant part of the sidewalk.  Did the woman know that she would never read the letter?  I ran over to the envelope hoping that the wind would not begin another round of twists and tricks in the air.  As I picked it up, I noticed that she had only walked a few feet further up the sidewalk.  I handed her the letter explaining how she had dropped it.  She exclaimed, “That’s not my letter”.  Well then, whose is it?

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