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Long long ago, not in your time,not in my time,but in the old time,when the Earth and the Sea were new,the sea didn’t have salt.The sea was as new as a newborn baby.

There were two brothers named David and Thomas, living in a village near the Mediterranean Sea. David was a kind, and honest young man, and he was the younger brother. Thomas was rude, and bossy and he was the elder one! They never got along!

After few years, David and Thomas became grown-ups and it was time to get jobs. Thomas got a very good job with a decent salary, but David was struggling to get an apt job. Thomas managed to build a palatial bungalow. David asked whether Thomas can share his house with him! “NO, go away and build your own house!” yelled Thomas.

David was disappointed with the response of Thomas and reached home depressed.On one hand,Thomas had delicious meals all day long. On the other hand, David had only a slice of bread and rancid butter!

It was a pleasant spring day. God, who created Earth and the people and the creatures surviving in it, planned to come down to Earth and see how people are living. He planned to disguise as a 5 year old young boy and as a old man-so that nobody would notice him!!


It was a hot summer day, the day God decided to jump down to Earth to watch the lives and day-to-day activities of the people. Youngsters were playing soccer. God was one of the youngsters among them.The ball accidentally went into the backyard of Thomas’s house. The God thought it was a good chance to check his behavior! The God, himself, went to his house and requested “ Can you please return the ball back to me, we want to continue the game.” All the youngsters-including the God himself, pleaded Thomas to give the ball back,but,no use! He would not return the ball to its owner. The boys went home weeping and God got to know about Thomas!

Now, he wanted to monitor David’s behavior too! So, he went as an old, aged beggar and prayed for something to feed his rumbling tummy. He acted so well that nobody could identify him!“ Hey son, How are you doing? Can you feed my hunger with what you have? I haven’t eaten for days!” begged the old man(God)!

David claimed“ Sure, why not? Here you go.This is what I have.” He was so kind enough to give out what he had to feed himself for a day! The old man, happily blessed him with joy and wealth and a magical pot. “I don’t need this sir.It was my pleasure to feed you! “ claimed David.

“Dear child, this is a gift of appreciation.Please,don’t say no.This is not an ordinary pot, this gives you whatever you ask for.The procedures are Rubbing your hands first, then place your hands on the pot and wish what you desire.Once you are done, open your eyes then open the lid.You will find what you wished for in it! Oh no! I almost forgot, say the magical words ’welcome zeehan, shower me luhaah’, to stop the pot from providing your wished item! If you say the wrong code to stop the pot, the pot will never stop supplying the item!“ saying this, he went away! David instantly ran into his bedroom and tried checking it out of curiosity !

“Mm, maybe I should practice by wishing for a sumptuous feast since he don’t have anything to eat now!”. To his surprise,It worked out well.

He was so happy and impressed with the magical pot. He rejoiced and went to take a shower. He left the magical pot in his room hidden under his bed.

Thomas, who was listening to all these incidents secretly hiding behind a tree, was getting even jealous. He mumbled “Why did he get such a wonderful present? I am the elder one and I have a bigger house and am the one who is rich! This is not fair!!!”. He got really mad and he sneaked into David’s room and grabbed his magical pot! “woohoo, now I have David’s precious gift and he doesn’t even know that he lost it!”.Unfortunately, he does not know the magical words to stop the pot’s offerings!! And he didn’t even realize it. He was so happy that he didn’t think about stopping the pot! In excitement, he ran straight to the Mediterranean Sea without stopping. “If I go to the Mediterranean Sea, nobody would even notice that I am not in the village, even if they find me,I can say that I was fishing for lunch. Wow, how clever i am-i am proud of myself!”.He went on a boat to the middle of the sea. He looked at all the four directions and found out that no one was near him. He started to decide what to wish for. He decided to wish for salt because he was out of salt in his house!

At the same time, David came to his bedroom after his shower and searched his pot. He recognized that his pot was stolen! “ My pot, my magical pot! Where did it go..who could have Stolen my unique pot??” “ Maybe I should go to the Mediterranean Sea and Relax for some time and think about who might have stole it.” thought David.

Now, back to Thomas, The pot was getting filled and he wanted to stop it. He just realized that he doesn’t know the magical words to stop it. He tried saying some different, weird words to stop it. But all his attempts failed. Since he said a lot of wrong words, as God mentioned earlier,the pot started to overflow. The boat was about to drown, he got frightened and started to shovel salt and put in the sea. He started to shovel all the salt in the pot and on the boat and no use, it just produced more and more as it was getting shoveled.

The boat got heavier and drowned. He was standing on his toes on the end of his boat. Suddenly, he saw a person farther away from him. “ I see someone over there.I should ask for help. HELP,HELP,I AM ABOUT TO DROWN,PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE,HELP,HELP” screamed Thomas. David heard him and rushed to save him.

“ hey brother, how did you get here?” Inquired David.

“ I will explain everything as soon as I get out of this awkward moment. Please help me” stated Thomas.

“ Okay, stay calm, here, hold on to this oar and climb on to my boat”. Said David. Thomas did everything exactly how David said to do and he safely got onto David’s boat.

“ okay, now,since you are safe , can you tell me why you got here??”inquired David.

“okay , okay ,alright. The person you are looking for,is me.” said Thomas.

“ what?can you explain it further?” asked David

“ I meant that the thief you are looking for is me.I am the one who stole your magical pot.I was so jealous about it..that is why I did it!! I am really sorry. Please forgive me!!” pleaded Thomas.

   And Thomas  explained the whole story.

     “ You can share my house. I will give all my extra money to the poors. I will not be rude anymore. Please, be with me!”added Thomas. David forgave Thomas !After this moment, Thomas changed all his bad characters!! And they lived happily together :)

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