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Addicted. They’re all addicted to their phones. If only they would look up. They would hear the music in the wind. They would see the leaves of the trees dancing. The sun would smile brighter, and the birds would sing their breathtaking songs. I look into the deep blue sky and see the clouds race across the vast, never-ending expanse. If only they would look up, they would see what I see.

Today I see a boy. He’s the only other person listening to the water rush by in the creek. He looks at the grass beneath our feet that is waiting for the rain. He looks up at me with kind eyes. If I was addicted to my phone, I never would have met my future. I never would have seen the days that we would spend together, or our children playing tag in the fields by the house on the hill. If I was bent over looking at that little addictive screen, I would have walked right past the one who would care for me. The one who would hold me as I took my last breath.

If only they would look up.

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